10 Smallest Island Nations in the World to Visit


Many of us see the world as a grim and an unwelcoming place. That can be true to a certain extent. But it doesn’t really have to be like this.

The fact is that the world is full of amazing things, places to visit, people to talk to and adventures waiting for us.

The metaphorical corners of our planet are full of hidden gems and wonderful places to experience and explore.

Here are 10 islands that we should all visit at some point in our lives:

1. East Timor

From Getty Images.com
From Getty Images.com

Close to Australia’s Northern Territory surrounded by Timor Sea and Banda Sea, there is a place known as East Timor. Half of the island belongs to Indonesia and the other half is an independent nation. The language is Portuguese, with a population of nearly 1.3 million people, and a capital city by the name of Dili.

The country uses US dollars as their currency and it has amazing beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

Here is a little more about Timor….

2. Federated States of Micronesia

Image from ImgStocks.com
Image from ImgStocks.com

Located in Oceania, it is a collection of some 600 islands that are the home of little over 100,000 people. The capital is Palikir. While the official language of this nation is English, there are several local languages spoken by the inhabitants of the islands.

The nation’s plentiful and magnificent nature makes these islands a small heaven on earth.

Take a short tour with this video:

3. Kiribati

Image from Kiribati Tourism
Image from Kiribati Tourism

Another Oceania nation, Kiribati is the home of nearly 115,000 people. It is not only one of the planet’s most wonderful group of islands, it is one of the most robust and versatile fishing destinations on the planet.

The collection of islands has spectacular white-sand beaches and lagoons. It is a perfect place to relax and have the best time of your life.

4. Palau

Image from Pristine Paradise Palau
Image from Pristine Paradise Palau

And archipelago of more than 500 islands within Oceania with a very small population of less than 25,000 inhabitants. Fishing, island hopping, and swimming with jellyfish are just among the many things lovers of the deep blue can do there.

While many people do speak English, there are other languages like Japanese, Sonsorolese, and Tobian that are spoken on these islands.

5. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Image from Caribbean Islands
Image from Caribbean Islands

Located in the Caribbean, this nation has mainly two large islands where most of the population of nearly 55,000 resides. The official language of these islands is English and the local currency is the East Caribbean Dollar.

The topography is diverse and full of natural wonders and many historical site to see. However, the top activities on the islands include hiking, diving, sailing, and some of the most amazing fishing spots on the planet.

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6. Saint Lucia


Another wonderful island nation in the Caribbean. The population there is about 200,000 people living between and around two trapped mountains. This geographical feature gives this island volcanic beaches, diverse reefs, waterfalls and many other wonders.

The local currency is East Caribbean Dollar and the official language is English.

7. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Image from People Don't Have to Be Anything Else Wiki
Image from People Don’t Have to Be Anything Else Wiki

Similar to its neighbor, St Lucia. It is full of volcanic landscapes and scenery from heaven. However, this small nation is famous for luxurious resorts, private islands and harbors full of yachts.

The population is a little over 100,000. English is the spoken language and Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the currency.

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8. Solomon Islands

Image from VisitSolomons
Image from VisitSolomons

Back to Oceania, Solomon Islands is made up of a collection of some 900 small islands populated by some 600,000 people.

The nation has diving caves, coral reefs, surfing spots, clear waters and plenty of amazing things to experience. The islands are littered with WW2 sites and memorials for fallen soldiers.

9. Tuvalu

Another heaven of Oceania, populated by a little over 10,000 people using the Australian Dollar, as well as Tuvaluan Dollar, and speaking English, along with Tuvaluan. The islands that make up Tuvalu are famous for being thin and elongated.

Unfortunately, these islands might not last longer and the people there are experiencing the devastating effects of man-made climate change and the land seems to be sinking because rising sea levels are creeping up on the land.

10. Marshall Islands

Image from HuffPost

Located in Oceania and populated by some 53,000 people. The waters around the islands are largely undisturbed and full of shipwrecks that date back to the second world war.

The Bikini Atoll islands, part of the Marshall Islands, were once a site for US nuclear testing between 1946 and 1958. However, recent studies show a significant recovery of marine life in this area.

Happy Travels!

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