11.11 Singles’ Day Massive Sales: Why is it So BIG?


Forget about Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Singles’ Day alone has trumped the sales of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday COMBINED!

Last year, Alibaba had $12 billion worth of sales coming in just within the first 12 hours of Singles’ Day, and that’s just ONE website.

Image from: Alizila

So, what is this Singles’ Day hype?

Here are a few things you should know about this 11.11 Singles’ Day Sales frenzy.

How It Started? 

Students at Nanjing University, China first celebrated Singles’ Day in 1993 to celebrate single-hood.

Due to the resemblance of the number – one (single), 11th of November (11/11) was picked as the day to celebrate Singles’ Day. With the rise of single-hood in China due to gender gap, people started embracing this occasion more.

Alibaba spotted the commercial opportunity in this occasion back in 2009 and capitalised it. They began launching the “Double 11” deals then.

Image from: MIT Technology Review

This was an ideal chance to boost sales as this occasion falls right between China’s ‘Golden Week’ national holiday in October and the Christmas season.

By 2011, more than $656 million was spent across Alibaba’s platform alone that day. Singles’ Day in 2011 was dubbed the Singles Day of the Century because it was 11.11.11. Sure enough, sales almost quadrupled the following year.

The World’s Biggest Online Shopping Day of the Year

Singles’ Day has now become an all-inclusive global shopping festival.

Image from: South China Morning Post 

Alibaba alone has hit $17.8 billion in sales on 11.11 last year, and is expected to blow through that number this year!

This big sales day (11.11) is gradually reaching a global scale over the years, involving companies like Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Lazada, Baidu, Shopee and many more.

Other American retailers like Zara and Tesla have also participated in this Double 11 mega sale. It has now become a global marketing strategy for various companies and international awareness is expected to grow each year.

It’s a Season, Not Just a Day

When you think about Double 11 (11.11), you don’t just think about a ONE-DAY-SALE. You think more like…..a month ahead, or the entire month of November.


Limiting sales at such a massive scale to only 24 hours also means having warehouse and shipping capacity constraints. There is only so much that can be pumped out through these systems within a day.

Image from: Business Insider

Hence, you’ll usually start to see teasers, special promotions, or pre-launched sales from the start of November almost everywhere leading up to the BIG DAY. Sales don’t usually stop at 11.11, it usually goes on for another few more weeks until the end of November (some even ahead of that).

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