11MEGA11: 6 Perfect Products To Buy During 11.11 Offers


11.11 Offers, AKA Singles’ Day, is the day for the world’s largest sale on the planet. If you have something on your wishlist, this is the day to buy it.


Also, The holiday season is just around the corner. In fact, there are only 20 days left till December. SO, if you haven’t started to make your holiday plans, YOU SHOULD START NOW.

Part of the holiday plans is buying gifts for loved ones.

Because people are different and have different expectations and needs, it is a little more complicated to get the right gift. Even for you, as a traveler, you need good solutions that would serve you WELL.

The good thing is there is a global sale known as 11.11– this is happening over the weekend, so, there is no excuse for you to not get yourself or your loved ones the perfect traveling gift.

Before we talk about the products, what is this 11.11 sale offers?

What is 11.11 and where did it start?

Students at Nanjing University, China first celebrated Singles’ Day in 1993 to celebrate single-hood.

Due to the resemblance of the number – one (single), 11th of November (11/11) was picked as the day to celebrate Singles’ Day. With the rise of single-hood in China due to gender gap, people started embracing this occasion more.

Alibaba spotted the commercial opportunity in this occasion back in 2009 and capitalized it. They began launching the “Double 11” deals then.

Read more about it here.

Here are few ideas of gifts for yourself and loved ones – especially those who travel a lot:

1. Flexiroam X Starter Pack – International Roaming Solution

Whether you, your loved ones, your family members, or friends are business or holiday travelers, you will need reliable data roaming solution for your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Emails and many other forms of communications.

This solution is perfect for people who travel so frequently and don’t have time or the capacity to deal with local SIM providers.

But, this is also useful for people who travel to countries where you don’t speak the local language and where you might find it complicated or difficult to get a local SIM.

Additionally, there are many countries in the world that are making it more complicated and tougher to buy a local SIM card. This can save the time and money when it comes to your international communications and data roaming.

AND Roam in more than 120 countries.

With Flexiroam’s MEGA SALE season, you can get Flexiroam X solution for free, if you buy one on Nov 11th. USE CODE: 11MEGA11 TO GET THE DISCOUNT.

2. The “Smart” Carry-On


This solution comes from BlueSmart.com and these guys have thought about your travels in a ways you didn’t expect before.

The Smart Luggage System is perfect for the unremitting traveler. They have several options for all your travel needs like:

  • Cabin carry-on
  • Check-in luggage
  • Laptop bag
  • Passport pouch

Some of the wonderful features they have in these bags include:

  • Connect your luggage to your phone
  • Track where your luggage are (GPS + 3G tracking)
  • Charge your devices on the go (30 Days battery life)
  • Weigh your luggage from the app on your phone (Weight sensors)
  • Smart lock connected to your phone (Digital auto-locking)
  • Keep your valuables safe and never lose your essentials
  • Light weight and strong material
  • USB Ports
  • Water resistance
  • Pen Proof Zippers

Support this great startup. There is a 25% discount available

3. TrayBien In-Flight Workstation


If you spend a lot of time flying – crazy flight hours, you need to get work done on the fly, in the airport and wherever you end up.

It is not that easy, actually, to do work in-flight because of the multiple devices and papers and any other things that you might need to use.

TrayBien is an interesting solution that allows people travelling for long hours and very frequently to put their time to good use. It is a compact work station perfectly made for these individuals. It doesn’t look as appealing as it should be, or as beautiful as the Smart Luggage, but heck, it is practical.

It is made for people who value practicality over anything else. This bag can hold:

  • A laptop
  • An iPad
  • A phone
  • Multiple files and documents
  • Earbuds
  • Chargers
  • Cables
  • Snacks and a bottle of water
  • keys and more

It opens up in ways that makes it fit perfectly on a flight tray. It is helpful and compact so you don’t have to fill your pockets on the go. Reviews suggest that this bag is durable and lightweight.

4. Yubico’s YubiKeys


The revolutionary security solution

These days, security and privacy are at most importance to everyone online. But security is complicated and it costs a lot of money.

Whellll.. There is a solution for that.

Yubico is a 10 years old company and is set to redefine global standards for simple and secure access to computers, servers, and internet accounts.

They created the YubiKey – it is a small USB and NFC device that delivers strong hardware protection, with a simple touch, across any number of IT systems and online services.

Supporting multiple authentication and encryption protocols on all devices and platforms, YubiKeys protect access to user accounts for the world’s largest enterprises and sets the standard for two-factor and multi-factor authentication.

There is also the YubiHSM, Yubico’s hardware security module, protects sensitive data inside standard servers.

This is a low cost solution and an innovation that solves the problems of business travelers and secures their devices the best way possible.

5. Ostrich Pillow


Another problem for frequent travelers is the lack of comfortable sleep. The annoying way we sleep on airplanes or any mode of transportation checks these boxes:

  • Surround noises
  • Lights
  • Uncomfortable neck pillows
  • No way to cover your face without blocking your nose
  • And more

The Ostrich Pillow solves the sleep problems.

We agree.. It looks weird and it might scare claustrophobic individuals, but it is seriously something that would change the way you sleep while on the road.

This is the greatest pillow out there. Maybe not, but it is really good.

6. Omni 20 Power Bank


Omni 20 power bank is a revolutionary power charger that can intelligently charge or power most devices, at the same time.

It is developed and designed by OmniCharge, a start-up, to help travelers and people who are on the go frequently. This charger does the job well. It charges anything, anytime, anywhere with any voltage.

Fast charging, temperature protection, short circuit protection, reset program algorithm, self-balance algorithm, and over charge protection are only few feature of the many available in this innovative devices.

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