7 Secrets Flight Attendants Will Never Tell You About


We often forget how much flight attendants actually see it all; that includes the ins and outs of air travel and all the darkest secrets airlines don’t want you to know.

Here are 6 secrets flight attendants will never tell you about, and airlines will never want you to know.


1. The Headphones & Blankets Aren’t New

Don’t be fooled by the new packaging. The blankets and earbuds provided to you on your flights are often reused. They are just cleaned, folded properly, and repackaged.


2. You Shouldn’t Drink The Coffee Or Tea

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You should really stick with bottled water, juice or soda. Stay away from the coffee and tea offered on flights. Most of the holding tanks for water in flights are usually not cleaned regularly (if at all).


3. You Should REALLY Pay Attention To How The Oxygen Mask Works

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VERY few people would know about this key information about the oxygen masks on flight. Did you know that from the moment the oxygen masks drop from the top, you have about only 15 minutes worth of oxygen. At a high altitude, you’ll only have about 15-20 seconds to secure your oxygen mask before passing out. You should really stop ignoring these safety presentations before takeoff.


4. The Lights Are Dimmed Upon Landing For A Reason

Image from: Wikimedia Commons

I’m sure you’ve noticed the lights in a planes are always dimmed down before landing. Well, this is actually to help you evacuate the plane smoothly in case of emergencies. Doing this will allow your eyes to adjust to sudden light, making it easier for you to see your surroundings.


5. You Should Really Turn Your Electronics To Airplane Mode

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Contrary to popular belief, apparently not turning your electronic devices off or put them into airplane mode will not bring the plane down. BUT it can interfere with the pilot’s concentration. Hearing the interference of hundreds of electronic devices can potentially cause them to accidentally miss a signal or communication from the air traffic control.


6. You Can’t Trust The Lavatory Door

Image from: Slice

Not many people know that the lavatories on planes can actually be unlocked from the outside. There is a bolt that allows you to unlock the door from the outside (only in cases of emergencies), usually hidden behind the “No Smoking” sign. Don’t mess with it though. They’re not for pranks.


7. The Plane Is Grosser Than You Think

Image from: Skitterphoto 

You should really watch where you’re touching during your flight. Some of the germiest places on the airplane are the seat pockets and tray tables. People have stuffed all kinds of germ-infested materials into the airplane seat pockets (Disgusting!). Let’s also not forget how many people has sat in your seat before who has touched that same tray table, not knowing where their hands had been before that.


Now that we’ve equipped you with some new (secret) information of your flights, at least you can better prepare yourself before each flight and get more comfortable!


Have you heard of any other inside secrets? Do share with us in the comment section below!

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