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Landing in a foreign country can be daunting, especially when you are trying to find your way around. You need to be able to find the places that you need to get to as well as to explore places that you have heard about .Fortunately for you , there are a few extraordinary applications that make travel life a pure joy and will save you time and money on your trip. So whether you need to make sure that you have packed the right stuff for your trip or you simply want find the nearest affordable hotel at the last minute, we have a few nifty mobile apps that will keep you on the right track every step of the way.


There are heart-throbbing moments in every frequent traveller’s mind when they arrive to their destination and realize that they forgot to pack in that one important item (a charger; a warm jacket). So let’s make your life easier with PackPoint. PackPoint creates customized packing lists based on the nature of your trip. This simple to use app asks users a series of questions (e.g.: are you travelling for business or leisure?) and generates a list of clothing, gadgets, accessories that you will need based on the weather, location or travel activity for your location. This will make sure you are prepped for anything and even save you some extra moola without any extra luggage fees.

Available: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry


Let’s be honest, holiday season is by far the most expensive time to travel, which tends todumb down the excitement of travelling altogether. Let’s make sure nothing takes away the excitement of your exploring new surroundings by helping you to save time and money. Simply use Kayak, an online and mobile travel app that not only helps you to compare flight prices by different airlines at record breaking low prices, but goes further by helping you to organize your itinerary, access your itinerary and receive regular updates of hotel check-out times as well as sudden flight changes. Feel like having a ride ready for you at the airport one you land? Expedia lets users search for rental cars and book them on their phones. The app gives customer’s access to rental cars from large companies such as Hertz and Enterprise, along with smaller regional players.”Drive Forest!…Drive!”

Available: iOS, Android

See How to Use Data Abroad Without Roaming Charges


So you have heard of apps that give you a flood of ideas for travel destinations or those that give you tips on how to make the most of your time in the city you are in. Here is a rare one: TripIt, an app that combines all of your travel itineraries, hotel bookings, reconfirmations, rental car reservations and tickets all in an easy to view interface. Its like having your very own travel agent right?

You will no longer need to go around fishing for flight reservation numbers through a flood of emails or even have to look over a batch of airport screens to find details and updates on your flight. Share your trip plans with contacts that may need to know where you are or when you will arrive and even synchronize the app with Google Calendar to get your very own automated itinerary.

Available: iOS, Android


Reading about the country you are travelling to is one thing, but landing there and finding your way around can be a totally different story. Fortunately for you there is an ultimate city guide available right on your smartphone. It’s called Foursquare, and what sets it apart from others of its kind is that it is filled with valuable tips and hints that come right from a city’s very own locals. It provides great recommendations based on your tastes and your history of ratings for similar places. So whether you are spending a night in New York but have a craving for Japanese food, that’s fine, Foursquare will not only recommend the best places around, but will give you the ratings, hours, contact information all in the same place. There is nothing quite as valuable as a tip from a local on where to find the best places in a city.

Available: iOS, Android


Signalling for an available taxi on the road can sometimes feel like flipping coin, your odds of finding an available one are even. You might find one immediately on a good day, or find yourself in the longest wait of your life which can be a hassle when you are trying to get around in a different country. But innovation has turned the odds in your favour. Book your next ride with Uber when you are abroad.  Keep track of the arrival of your taxi on your phone, select your ride from a range of vehicles plus you can even take care of the payment right on the app.

Available: iOS, Android, Windows


No one understands the effort that frequent travelers  make just  to avoid expensive roaming charges while they are overseas. They are the charges that sneak up on you after you receive a few emails, share a few files, make a VoIP call or even read some of your favorite those online articles you like so much. Thankfully, there is Onava. It’s the app that compresses each of the sites and emails that you go to, gives you updates on how much data is consumed by the sites that you are on and allows you to adjust features of sites (e.g.: image quality) that will ultimately save you more data.

Available: iOS, Android

Roaming charges are still most notably the biggest hassle for overseas travelers. Fortunately there is a way to get rid of any roaming charges, make and receive unlimited calls from all over the world and even use local mobile number while you are overseas. Want to know more? 

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There are many ways to get where you are going. But in a foreign country, how do I get there? is always the question that comes to mind? Well there’s a new kind of navigation that’s happening on the road, and it goes by the name Waze. Recently acquired by Google for being an outstanding navigation system, the app offers live turn by turn navigation that is based on community-driven mapping and real-time traffic information, accidental reports, road side police checks and unforeseen hazards along the way. And just as a bonus, Waze will even help you to locate the cheapest gas stations in town, and to check if your friends are in the area. You can  even use it to map your Facebook events. All you need is a simple 3G connection.

Available: iOS, Android, Windows

XE Currency

What’s the latest travel trend? Everyone is flying to Europe, why? Because the Euro seems is pretty much falling as fast as advanced currencies can, which means it’s cheaper to travel there. Want to see what other currencies you can maximize on? XE Currency is the ultimate tool to use to convert currencies from all over the world. In addition, XE Currency will keep you in the loop on how much you can expect to receive after an exchange. The app conveniently uses a 3G internet connection, so this means that information on exchange currencies are updated as it becomes available.

Available: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry

Travelling goes very well with convenience. From the time you start planning for your trip, there should always be a companion around ready to guide you in the right direction. In this case, you have 8 companions all packed and ready to assist you. So hop onto your flight, sit back in you comfortable flight seat and enjoy your trip with a stress free mind, a craving for adventure and your new best mates all on your Smartphone. After all it was Saint Augustine who describe traveling quite remarkable when he said:  “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”


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