A Day in The Life of Spanish Culture

When one thinks of Spain and Spaniards, perhaps some of the first thoughts that may come to mind are “Siestas” (Naps) and “Fiestas” (Parties)… am I right?

In that case, you might want to take a seat and allow me to fill you in on the not-so-little and oh-so-pretty country beautifully located in the Western part of Europe…which reminds me, you might want to open an airline booking site before I begin, because you will surely want to get a one way ticket to Spain after this.You see although we love “siestas” and “fiestas” here you have some reasons to fall in love with this amazing country.
Life in Spain can be perfect, this is why it is known as one of the top 3 most visited countries in the world every year. Spain is located in southwestern Europe and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Bay of Biscay in the northwest and by the Mediterranean Sea in the east and the south. It’s population fell by 206,000 to 47.1 million and it’s made up of 17 autonomous regions, each with its own geography and culture. So, here is a list of the many reasons of why you should  go.

Perfect Weather:

The sunny and the warm weather is one of the main reasons why visitors come to Spain but the temperature changes depend on the season and the place. The total annual sunshine hours vary from around 1700 in the north to about 3000 in the south and the canaries.

You could say that Spain is divided in three different climate  zones:

Mediterranean Spain:  Which runs from the northwest of Cataluña in the north to the province of Cadiz on the southern tip of Andalucía, which has high sunshine level from 6 hours per day in the winter to 12 hours per day in summer.

Central Spain and the Southern Atlantic coast: Summers are generally hot, especially in Andalucía where some of the highest temperatures are recorded. Sunshine levels average 5 hours per day in winter and 12 hours per day in North and North West Spain with sunshine levels average of 3 hours per day during the winter and 8 hours  per day in the warm weather, but personally I would dare to say (as a Spanish) that maybe the best season to go to Spain is spring, being that it isn’t really hot (like summer time) and you can still enjoy the nice  temperatures.

Mediterranean Diet:

I’m pretty sure that you have heard about the healthy and Mediterranean Spanish food. It’s made up of olive oil, fresh fruits, fish, vegetables, grains, cereals and even wine. So, If you would like to know the culture, here is a list of must-tries if you have the chance to   go:

Paella (rice with seafood), 2.Gazpacho (tomato soup) 3.Spanish  Ham  (Jamón Ibérico)Tapas : variety of appetizers they may be cold such as mixed olives and cheese or hot such, fried

Spanish Language:

Did you know that there have been 11 literature Nobel Prizes in Spanish?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after English and is spoken by 450 million people in Spain, Latin America and the USA. It’s the official language of 22 countries and also the second language used for international communication.

Outdoor Life

Spanish people love to spend time outside. We usually have a great climate and temperature that allows us to have this outdoors time.

Spanish people love to socialize and the food (Tapas) is very famous in our culture. Even if the weather is not good, people go outside, no matter if it rains or if it storm, that’s the Spanish style.We love the healthy style, so If you enjoy walking, swimming, playing golf, tennis, water sports, winter sports…. this is the country for you!

Spanish Culture and People

Spain has been home to different races and cultures throughout it”s long history: Romans, Iberians, Moors or French, so naturally,it’s the perfect country to visit museums, castles and palaces with the pleasure of enjoying the amazing legacy that the Spanish have inherited over the centuries.There is something that makes Spanish people unique, and thats the schedule for meals: don’t expect to have lunch before 2pm and dinner before 9pm, even in summer sometimes the dinner bell only rings at 10pm or  11pm.

Spanish people are by nature extroverts, they really know how to enjoy life so YES the spontaneous parties and celebrations like no other are a regular in this vibrant country.  So, Are you going to Spain? Or you would love to visit the country? Trust me when I say, The Spanish are already waiting for your arrival.

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