All The Questions You Have About The FLEXIROAM App

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So we decided to have a chat with our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Nicholas Yeap, to get all the answers that you have been asking about the brand new FLEXIROAM app. It went a little something like this…

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What Is The FLEXIROAM App And Why Should You Use It?

So let us go back to the fundamentals on why we decided to create the app. Let’s have a look at some of the dominating instant communication apps in the market: Viber; Wechat; Whatsapp; Skype and a number of other contenders, namely, the new FLEXIROAM App

Now when we have a look at an app like Whatsapp, users are able to communicate, with the app, only to those mobile users who also have the Whatsapp app installed in their smartphones. This consequently means that users are unable to use the app to contact a landline. What this could mean for a business traveller is that they may not necessarily be able to reach all of their contacts, unless of course they too have the app.

As an individual traveler, the Whatsapp app is quite useful, considering the fact that the app has a huge chunk of subscribers that are increasing by day, which is a major advantage for the app. The quality of a Whatsapp call, even though not always up to scratch in terms of quality, is still perceived as a decent and significantly convenient feature because of the number of people that have access to the app. Alternatively, people use apps such as Facebook’s Messenger app, Viber as well as the very much established Skype to make voice calls to their contacts.

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So The Question Here Is:

Why Is The FLEXIROAM App So Interesting? 

And the simple answer is…because of the incoming call…let me explain. Let’s say for instance you take a trip to Germany from your home country, Malaysia, and your contacts from Malaysia would like to call you while you are overseas. Most likely your contacts will not be able to reach you through your Malaysian number and in the slight chance that they do reach you, the call will be hugely expensive for the caller. Our app provides the capability of receiving a call from anywhere in the world and receiving a call as if it were a local call because of the low low call rate: 0.01 cent per min.

The major benefit is that the person you are calling does not need to have the app on their mobile phone.

What Is The Difference Between The Existing FLEXIROAM Service, The Roaming Pass And The App?

This app requires an internet to function. The Roaming Pass is a service that relies on the call forwarding function of a mobile network. The service allows you to make and receive calls all over the world without roaming charges, but the calls are activated by sending an SMS with the number that you would like to call to FLEXIROAM and having our support team connect the call to the receiver.

Nowadays, however, with wide access to internet and Wi-Fi spots, we have shifted our service to the app world to eliminate the need for an SMS call back and to provide users with easy access to people they would like to get in touch with.

Do I Need A Minimum Credit Amount In My Account To Make A Call?

Not necessarily, because app to app calls are free, so if you would like to call someone who has the FLEXIROAM app, then there will be no deduction made to your credit balance. If you would like to make an international call to an individual who does not have the app, you will need to have a credit balance of at least 1 USD, which will give 100 minutes worth of talk-time.

What Will Affect The Quality Of My Voice/Video Call?

The strength/bandwidth of your internet connection is the only thing that will affect the quality of your voice call, but fortunately, the FLEXIROAM app runs efficiently even on a low bandwidth. The app functions well with a 2G network, which means that you will still be able to make calls with decent quality.

I Am A FLEXIROAM Customer With A Corporate Account, What Will Happen To The Existing Credit In My Account Now That I Am Moving To The App?

Right now we are in the process of upgrading all of FLEXIROAM service users, which means that our existing Roaming Pass product will be replaced, as of 31st of March 2016, with a better and more convenient FLEXIROAM app service.

Do my credits have an expiration date?

No, it remains in your account until you finish it. One of the exciting things that we have done with the app is that, let’s say you have the FLEXIROAM app and I have your contact number in my phone book and I send you an invite message to join the app and you sign up with your mobile number and password, then I get 1 cent free which will be added in my account  and accumulates the more I invite new contacts.

Is The Call Rate A Flat Rate For All Countries Or Does It Fluctuate By Country?

The average rate for calls is usually around 0.01 cent per minute but is largely dependent on which country the call is made to.

Does The FLEXIROAM App Have Or Plan To Add Advertisements To The App In The Future?

That will be considered the ancillary revenue from the app. At this moment, we have no intention to add any advertisements. Perhaps in the future we could perhaps consider partnering with various organizations in order to add better services to the app, for example, purchasing capabilities through the app etc.

On ad space, however, even if we were to consider it, it would definitely not be at the expense app user’s experience of the app.

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Can I Use the FLEXIROAM App On My Laptop?

No. We had the idea of developing that capability, but realized that it isn’t a feature that is commonly used by users of existing instant communication apps, so we decided not to include it at this stage

Will I Receive Notifications Of Incoming Messages When I Am Not Online?

You have to be online to receive notifications of messages coming in. If you have no data connectivity, even if your contact sends you a message, it will be delivered only once you log on to the app or once your mobile phone connects to the internet. For calls, however, if you are offline and people call you through the app, they will be able to reach you.

So just to recap, if your continues to run in the background and you have an internet connection, then you will receive instant notifications of incoming messages. But if you log out completely, then you will only receive messages once you log on again or once you have access to the internet.

Do I Have To Register For A New Account Each Time I Change My Mobile Number?

You can register using your mobile number and you can even use the same account on two separate mobile phones.

How do I purchase an International number and how long will it be valid?

Purchasing an international number is as easy as:

  • Open up your FLEXIROAM app;
  • Tap on the menu icon in the top right corner;
  • Select Account;
  • Select Numbers
  • Pick the country, the area and the period for which you would like to use the number;
  • Tap on Buy

And that’s it, you will have purchased your very own international number.

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What Can I Use An International Number For?

If you are travelling to Germany and you would like to purchase a local German number, whether it be for business or leisure purposes, the FLEXIROAM app gives you that capability. With the FLEXIROAM app, you can purchase international numbers from up to 55 countries, that is more numbers than in any other app on the market.

So with an international presence in up to 55 countries, you will now no longer need to purchase local sim cards, but instead, you will have a simplified local number for all of the countries that you do business in or spend your holiday in.

In addition to the international presence capability, you as a traveler from your home country can have all of the calls that are made to your local mobile number forwarded to any of your international numbers while you are traveling. This means that at all times when you travel, you will be connected and have clear and simple call quality.

Do I Need An Internet Connection To Use The App?

Yes, a 3G internet connection or Wi-Fi is all you need to make and receive calls on the FLEXIROAM app.

How Can I Pay For My Credits?

Paypal, In-app-purchase, or you can buy credit top up from our reseller.

Does The Person I Am Calling Through The App Need To Have An Internet Connection To Receive The Call?

No, not at all, as long as you have an internet connection, that is enough to make outgoing calls to people who do not have the app and to those who do not have an internet connection.

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Can I Use The App To Make Calls At A Low Rate To Friends In The Same Country?

Yes, the app is useful to both local users who want to connect to other local users at a low rate as it is to those connecting to people abroad.

Can The App Be Used To Make A Conference Call Or Group Video Calls?

Yes, the app has the capability to make conference calls, although at this moment it is not a major focus for us in terms of app development, but the capability exists.

How Is The Voicemail Feature Beneficial To Me?

It helps you when you have no internet connectivity because you can still receive call messages that you can keep in an archive and even export to your email.

 And Finally

So If I Live In Australia, For Example, And I Want A Local Number For The Purpose Of Calling Other People In Australia, Is This Still The App For Me?

Yes, absolutely, you can choose to purchase a local Australian number on the app and choose to make that number visible to contacts that you call. Alternatively, you can choose the number that you would like to be visible to people that you call, whether it be local or international number, which is quite a handy capability when you do business in a number of countries.

Simply put, The FLEXIROAM app is an all-in-one, new and free smart roaming mobile application designed with a unique audience in mind…global travelers. The app brings together a well-packaged set of features that combines instant communication with the cheapest talk rate on the globe.

With a simple internet connection users have access to free instant chat messages, the freedom to make international calls to smartphone users who do not have the app and a high-quality video call feature perfect, all charged at an average flat rate of 0.02 cents per minute. Simple, inexpensive and travel-friendly. Download the app on today. Ciao!