August Happenings!

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The month of August has been a busy-bee month for Flexiroam! We ran back to back campaigns and everyone did a really great job! To sum it up, here’s an overview of what we did in the past month.

1. FlexiOlympics


So, as we all know, the most epic thing that happenned in August this year was the 2016 Rio Olympics and man wasn’t it awesome! The opening ceremony all the way to the closing ceremony was one wild roller coaster ride. We had a mini FlexiOlympics by giving out Free data roaming where our users would key in their answers through the Flexiroam X App (at the ‘apply promo code’ area)  It’s so simple to earn data!

_ A R _ _ _ _ A-

17Aug - Quiz NEW

2. Power Up and PokemonGo with Flexiroam X

Now all those with the inner Pokemon trainers were jumping for joy when PokemonGo got released, right? Parks were suddenly flooded all of the sudden (especially KLCC, Dataran Merdeka and Taman Jaya) and dinner tables were unusually quiet unless there was a Pokemon sighting, then you’ll notice everyone yelling out rare pokemons *LOL*.

Because we know everyone is a Pokemon Go trainer (and we are too!), we had our very own Power Up and Pokemon Go campaign at one of our store in KLIA2. Just show us either your Charmander or Flareon catch and you’ll get to earn Free data roaming! Even more if you’re part of Team Valor. PLUS, we gave out 500MB for those who activated their membership on the spot! 


And you don’t have to  worry about running out of battery, cause we made our own ‘Flexipoke Stop’ to charge your phone! So you’re not only getting free data, but free energy too!

2016-08-TableTop-B (1)


3. TPaay Collaboration with Flexiroam

Travelling used to be a luxury, until Air Asia taught us Now Everyone Can Fly; roaming used to be a hassle that most travelers tried avoiding, not until Flexiroam taught consumers the Smartest Way to Roam.

So when TPaay (formerly known as Tune Money) launched their BIG Prepaid card, Flexiroam did not hesitate to collaborate with them.


We’ve hid a multi-currency wallet in your card!’ – the exact words by BIG prepaid on their website.

During the BIG Prepaid MasterCard Promotional Activation at Gateway Mall KLIA2 over the weekend (19th Aug 2016 – 22nd Aug 2016), Flexiroam provided the free X-starter pack that included the 1-year membership and 500MB data for the first 100 signed ups.

The BIG Prepaid card have their promotional hot deals to make sure their product stays relevant for you every time you travel. It’s not just your ordinary Prepaid Card but an exclusive one that entitles you for all sorts of travel benefits!

Throughout this collaboration, we hope to offer travelers a win-win solution that could reduce their expensive roaming fee charges. We keep our customers in our heart, and thrive to bring all the best innovated products to our customers. That is our mission : a smarter way to roam for everyone!


4. Heartstone Event

On what event shall you miss a QUEST?

When your parents are looking for you? Maybe.

When your partner needs attention? Maybe.

When you are overseas? Maybe not anymore.    z

With Flexiroam X, we truly believe that gamers shouldn’t miss out on anymore quest; and hence why, Flexiroam collaborated with M8 Gaming for HearthStone: Malaysia Fireside Gathering, Wild with Warlocks on 20th August 2016. Fireside Gathering is an event for HearthStone players to get together to have some friendly matches and share insights about the game.

On that day itself,  we have Flexiroamers were stationed at the event venue to help facilitate and also educate consumers about Flexiroam X.


To spice things up, Flexiroamers also brought some ice-cream and the gamers were entitled to them once they downloaded the Flexiroam X mobile app and took a photo with our Instagram frame. In addition to that, the gamers were also informed that there will be a lucky draw when they took a picture with the frame and uploaded it to Instagram with our hashtag.


After the game, our representative at the Fireside Gathering also gave a short briefing about what Flexiroam X is, hoping to educate our customers about our product and the benefits that the consumers can get via our services.

Towards the end of the whole event, we announced the lucky winner for the lucky draw, which was randomly picked by Flexiroamers among the participants who posted their photos on Instagram.


It was a great time for everyone to mingle around while sharing about the game and Flexiroam X. We truly appreciate the opportunity to be there, creating memorable moments with the gamers. In the near future, Flexiroam hopes to bring more great deals for everyone who travels.


Look out for more interesting stuff coming our way! We have campaigns and new collaborations and a major partnership with TripAdvisor! Stay tuned for more details in our next post.

“Flexiroam, the Smartest Way to Roam.”

Till we meet again.