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Travel Tips: Guide to choosing an Australian local SIM card

What Prepaid SIM Card Options are available in Australia?

The most common prepaid SIM cards available in Australia are ‘yes’ Optus, Just Prepaid Mobile, and goTalk Mobile.

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Where you can buy Prepaid SIM Card from Australia?

Upon arrival in Australia, you can purchase the SIM card of your choice from any convenience stores (like 7-Eleven) and phone card retail outlets found all over Australia.


However, you will be required to produce some form of personal identification (e.g. Passport, Driver’s license) to aid in the registration of your SIM card.

How you can activate a New Prepaid SIM Card?

In order to start making and receiving calls on your new prepaid SIM card, it is necessary to ensure that your number is activated.

Every service provider has a different procedure through which their SIM Cards can be activated. These activation procedures are always outlined in the user guide enclosed in the new starter pack.

The safest way to activate your SIM card is to ask for assistance from the sales outlet during the time of purchase. Otherwise you can call the customer care line from your new Australian SIM.

Customer Care Phone Numbers (while in Australia)

  • goTalk Prepaid Helpline: 1800468255
  • JUST Mobile Prepaid Helpline: 887 (from a JUST phone, it cost AUS$ 0.50/call) or 1300 785 758 (from any phone)
  • ‘yes’ OPTUS Helpline: 1300 555 002

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Rates Info above were compiled on 29/04/2011.
* Main Credit is for standard and international calls, SMS, MMS, Voicemail.
** JUST TALK is standard calls to other JUST Prepaid or Vodafone mobile numbers within Australia.

Other Important Things that You need to note:

  • The JUST Prepaid and goTalk Mobile plans stated above DO NOT have Blackberry BBM bundle services
  • For ‘yes’ OPTUS, the normal SIM by default DOES NOT come with Blackberry BBM bundle feature but you can request for dedicated Blackberry SIM card (Extra Cost: AUS$ 2.00 per SIM Card) at the point of purchase.
  • Please note that provided the prepaid SIM has internet access, your Blackberry BBM will work just fine without subscribing to any special Blackberry BBM package.
  • The JUST Prepaid and goTalk Mobile details DO NOT apply to users of iPhone 4 users, because these service providers DO NOT offer such services on MicroSIM.
  • Upon request, ‘yes’ OPTUS users have a choice to select either a normal SIM or a MicroSIM (iPhone 4 user).


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