Benefits of using Overseas prepaid SIM cards with FlexiRoam

Why use an overseas prepaid sim card when I use FlexiRoam?

A typical question most prospective FlexiRoam users ask is:

Why do I need to have an overseas prepaid SIM card in order to use FlexiRoam when I travel abroad?

The answer is SIMPLE.

This is the only way users can maximise their savings on international roaming and still enjoy the attractive rates and benefits that overseas telcos offer through their SIM cards.

By default, regardless of the international roaming plan that your provider is offering, the cheapest way of staying connected with contacts back home in Malaysia is to purchase prepaid calling cards.

For instance, assume you are a mobile user of Telco C travelling to New Delhi, India. Upon arrival, you bought a Vodafone Prepaid SIM, so the following will be your charges: you bought a Vodafone Prepaid SIM, so the following will be your charges:
[table id=8 /] *Rates compiled on 19th April 2011

As you can see above, travelers should always get an overseas local prepaid SIM when you are traveling. Because, why should you pay extremely more(using Malaysian SIM on roaming) when you can have the same thing at a much cheaper price(overseas SIM)?

Shortfalls of using an overseas prepaid SIM

However, there are shortfalls to enjoy all these exciting rates from India prepaid SIM. To remain connected to friends and family back home in Malaysia would mean that you would have to call or SMS each of your contacts to inform them about your new overseas number.

Also, the mere fact that you are using a new overseas number is most likely going to discourage most of your contacts from calling you since they will be paying IDD call rates to reach you.

Another shortfall of using just an overseas SIM card (without FlexiRoam) is that, if you were unable to inform a certain contacts of your new number, they will not be able to reach you.

This is where FlexiRoam comes in to fill the gap in the puzzle. FlexiRoam seamlessly synchronizes your Malaysian and new overseas prepaid numbers.

With FlexiRoam, you enjoy the benefits of the overseas SIM card(cheap overseas local calls, cheap data), yet you are still able to receive calls going to your Malaysian mobile number.


  1. Regardless if you are using FlexiRoam or otherwise, getting a local SIM card when you are traveling overseas, is always the cheapest way to stay connected with your family. Anyway, with about RM150 or even less, you can get a usable Nokia phone that is capable for SMS and voice call, as your second phone.

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