Best Travel Hacks That Even Business Travelers Forget


Most of business travelers want to be prepared as much as possible before going to a trip, but there are some factors they tend to forget.

Here we present some hacks that can really help you in your journey.

Get Served First by Ordering a special meal


Plan ahead by requesting a special meal that will be served yours first before everyone else.

By doing this you can finish your meal before the rest, and get to sleep early and have a good rest before your destination.

Being ready always has its own benefits.

Download Your Airline’s App

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Among many travel applications available in the market to make your life easier as a business traveler, almost all airlines have created and developed their own app.

The advantage of downloading their respective apps is to get real-time updates on gate changes and delays. Paperless boarding is also very popular now which can be used using the app.

Bring Your Own Beverage


Airports may restrict the size of the beverage you can carry on. As long as it’s under 3.4 oz, you can carry on any kind of beverage which includes small liquor bottles. Instead of buying overpriced drinks, better enjoy your own drink for free.

But remember to check the airport if they allow you to bring any amount of beverage.

Invest in an international adapter


Sometimes the most simple things is what we forget or realize to do after.

If you’ve had to travel to various destinations and countries you’ll understand the importance of having a international adapter always ready to satisfy your electric needs.

If you’ve landed and arrived at the hotel you need to charge your devices immediately and having this will be life saver believe me.

Avoid Long Cab Queues by Going to Departure Zone


Once you’ve arrived, it’s then essentially a race to collect your luggage and make a line for the cab queue before you find yourself stuck. These have been known to form a snake line around arrivals for miles.

Though if you haven’t quite managed to beat the queue, quickly turn around and head up to departures. There’s no competition for cabs in the departure zone; people are getting dropped off, and you can simply jump in as they’re jumping out.

Credit Card Rewards

As a business traveler, a credit card which allows you to collect points is a must have. There are numerous banks in partnership with certain airlines, and you can use your points to buy flight tickets.

When you apply for a credit card, you will immediately get travel points as incentives and most of the time you will get free travel insurance as well. Also, don’t forget to ask them about their foreign fees, so you can keep collecting the points even when you are on your business trip and your next trip might even be free!

Collect miles and loyalty points


Just as you are collecting points with your credit card, you can also collect miles with flying and points by staying in hotels. Almost every airline has their own loyalty program, and so do hotels.

If you can, try to always use the same airline and the same hotel chain. They will definitely appreciate your loyalty! After some flights you can easily collect enough points for a free flight and also it will be easier to upgrade your ticket to business class and travel comfortably.

Another option is to be part of a hotel’s loyalty program, where you can get free room upgrades, free access to the hotel’s facilities and many more.

Use Flexiroam to reduce roaming costs


There is nothing more annoying during your business trips, than not being able to read your emails or keep in touch with your coworkers, clients, family and friends back home.

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