As the English language is widely spoken in most parts of the world, various differences are bound to exist. It is commonly said that Britain and America are two separate nations divided by a common language. How different or common are they really though?

Here are some important terms (you may need to use) that you should know if you plan to visit America or Britain:


1. Money



British say ‘pence‘ or ‘pee‘. Banknotes would be called ‘pound‘ or ‘quid‘. Or a 5 pound note would also be called a ‘fiver‘, and a 10 pound note a ‘tenner‘.

Americans, on the other hand, say ‘cents‘ or ‘penny‘ or ‘quarter‘ or ‘dime‘. Banknotes would be called ‘dollar‘.



In Britain, people withdraw money from the ‘cash point‘, meanwhile in America, people withdraw from the ‘ATM‘.


2. Food


British eat ‘chips‘, while Americans have “French fries“.



British call this ‘crisps‘, while Americans call this ‘potato chips‘.


3. Transport


In Britain, most people would say they ride the ‘tube‘ or ‘underground‘, while Americans call it the ‘subway‘.


Gas Station Fuel Diesel Fuel Gas Pump Energy Pump

British fill their cars with ‘petrol‘, while Americans fill them with ‘gas‘.


4. Common Words

“That is such a long queue!’, most British would say. Americans, on the other hand, would often say ‘That’s a long line‘.



British go to the ‘loo‘, while Americans go to the bathroom‘ or ‘toilet‘.



British often call this a ‘fag‘, while Americans usually say ‘I’m smoking a cigarette‘.


Of course, there are many other words that differ from British English to American English. Some may be in terms of pronunciation, like the British and American way of saying ‘aunt’ or ‘water‘; while others differ in spelling like ‘aeroplane‘ to ‘airplane‘; ‘cheque‘ to ‘check‘; or ‘theatre‘ to ‘theater‘.

The argument of which English is the ‘better‘ English can go on for days. But it might be very helpful to know these differences to avoid getting confused while traveling in these countries!


This HILARIOUS video speaks about the differences between British and American English. Check it out!


So, which do you prefer? British English or American English? Let us know in the comment box below! Feel free to also share some other words that you may have heard of that are used differently in Britain and America! 

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