These 7 Shocking Tips Will Help You – Cabin Crew Survival Guide


Working in the aviation industry is not a walk in the park, people may assume this but it’s actually a different story. Many think it’s a glamorous lifestyle of constant travel and exploring new places, but the truth is, you don’t even choose where you get to go. In fact you could be traveling to the same destination repeatedly in a course of a few days.

There are lots of headaches and stress to handle during a flight.

Flight attendants make sure to take care of passengers while flying and may occasionally encounter difficult passengers, which can be mentally and emotionally draining.

Therefore, here we present 7 very useful practical tips to help you to have a smooth & pleasant experience while working the skies!

Drink plenty of water

All aircrafts are well air-conditioned to ensure low humidity in an enclosed space. This is what makes you feel thirsty all the time. Staying hydrated is extremely important especially when you’re going to serve everyone during a long-hour flight. Being well hydrated also reduces wrinkles and promotes well-being.

Be prepared with a set of spare uniform

You must always be ready for long-shift or an unexpected night-stop. You may also face unexpected situations such as a coffee spill on your uniform. Hence, It’s always good to have a set of spare uniform in your luggage for you to change whenever you need to. Always be prepared since home is always not within reach.

Sleep whenever you’re off duty

Being a crew member who works long shifts, you may experience jet lag. Be kind to yourself and make use of your time. You want to serve your passengers with full energy, so get those Z’s! Getting sick from lack of sleep is the last thing you want!

Never change money in airports

Changing money at the airport isn’t a smart move as exchange rates are lower. It could potentially cost you 20% higher than if you were to exchange outside of the airport. Always make sure you change your money before you leave your country, and if you don’t get a chance to do so, find an operator outside of the airport at your country of destination.

Stop BUying SIM Cards!


For non frequent flyers, buying a SIM card in each destination is extremely common. However, for those working in the Aviation Industry, this option doesn’t make sense as you will be flying all over the place frequently.

We feel your pain! The last thing you want is to be carrying a suitcase full of SIM cards for every trip, which is why Flexiroam wants to give you a free Global SIM Solution!

Flexiroam is now offering all Cabin Crew and Aviation staff with a free Flexiroam X Microchip with 1GB of International Data to be used in 53 countries around the world!


Pack lightly and leave the unnecessary at home

When traveling, pack the necessities. Your extra uniform, your toiletries, and other essential day to day items. Learn to leave your collection of handbags, hair dryers behind and stay light!

Smile, smile and smile

We all know that this is the toughest thing to do, especially when you’re working long hours, have the early shift, or dealing with difficult passengers. But you know what? Smiling makes things easier! It is a proven fact that the simple act of smiling brightens one’s mood, even when they’re down in the dumps. Remember, it only takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown!

Always remember to find the significance in your efforts and live the vision of your organization, and in turn you can encourage positive change and take one step closer to success. Safe travels!

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