Carousell X Flexiroam


So, has anyone ever heard of Carousell app before? It appears to be this cool online mobile classifieds community marketplace launched in August 2012, that makes selling as easy as taking a photo, and buying as simple as chatting. With more than 41 million listings and a presence in more than 14 cities around the world, Carousell is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing mobile classifieds app. Using the latest technology, Carousell lets anyone with a smartphone to snap, list and sell in 30 seconds.

The awesome thing is that they have a wide range of category items on the list; from collectables to clothing, lifestyle products, gadgets and even entertainment. Psst! They even have textbooks and motorbikes! You gotta admit, that’s pretty cool in a way.

And the good news is, we’ve recently struck a partnership with them and in conjunction with that we’ll be running a contest called List, Refer & Win (Woots! Woots!) to reward everyone! As long as they’re Carousell and or Flexiroam X users they’re eligible to participate! The campaign is designed to create brand awareness and target consumers who are planning for their year end holiday and looking for travel related items in Carousell.

Grand prize winners will stand a chance to win RM250 Carousell credits and a 1-year Flexiroam X-Membership + 1GB free data roaming (worth RM370)! But don’t worry though, we have weekly and consolation prizes as well!

So, onto a more serious note, how do you get started on this awesome contest? Just 3 simple and easy steps, my friends!





Now you know, what are you guys waiting for? Download both the Carousell and Flexiroam X app now and start listing and referring!

By the way, Flexiroam X-membership + 1GB starter pack is on sale in Carousell too! Just click Flexiroam on the search bar and you’ll be able to see our list and make an offer  🙂 Our sales team will then contact you in regards to how to purchase!