The theme for the 2018 International Day of the Girl Child is: “With Her: A Skilled Girl Force.”

International Day of Girl Child is declared on October 11 when Resolution 66/170 is adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 19, 2011. Thus, IDGC is the day to draw the attention of the world regarding basic rights and protection.

Background of IDGC



Amongst the issues focused on by the International Day of the Girl Child are education, equality, child marriage, access to services regarding puberty and sexual health and addressing issues around gender-based violence.

The Day of The Girl Summit, held at United Nations headquarters every year aims to bring together organizations that serve girls to further the advancement of their human rights.

All over the world, there are marches and special events such as concerts and sporting events to mark the occasion. In a global ‘takeover’ girls get the chance to take over key roles in business, politics, and sport for the day and stories are shared on social media with the hashtags.



Join events around the world designed to improve the lives of girls in the most impoverished nations. Become a mentor. Donate supplies to schools. Be inspired by the spirit and drive of each generation of girls. Empower them by speaking about women leaders from the past and present.

Whether she was a teacher or an author, a political leader or an activist, share the stories of those who have made changes for the better in the world. Be a part of the difference that makes lives better for aspiring young girls around the globe and use #DayOfTheGirl to share on social media.

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