Coffee: Here are the 5 types of coffees you must try



Thomas Jefferson once said, “Coffee – the favourite drink of the civilized world.”

This wonderful beverage has become an essential need in most of our daily lives. From keeping us awake at all odd hours to being a great reason to have a meet up session; coffee occasionally revolves around us.

Over the years, coffee has found its way around the world and people enjoy it in many different ways; each unique to their own liking. Drinking coffee has become a universal language in its own way.

In this post, we’d like to introduce our Top 5 Flexiroam picks of coffee types that coffee lovers must absolutely try – at least once.

1. Kopi Luwak

Originated in Sumatra, Kopi Luwak or also known as Civet Cat Coffee is known to be the most expensive coffee in the world. This coffee is special because it is processed differently in the sense that before it is dried and washed away, the bean passes through a Civet Cat’s digestive tract – giving it the nickname Poop Coffee. Now this bean, once brewed and drank, has next to no aftertaste. Despite having a rich aroma, the bitter aftertaste is close to non-existence. So where do you get this weird, but awesome coffee? Take a trip down to Indonesia of course! Or you can have it shipped through your online stores.


2. The Turkish Coffee

Drinking coffee in Turkey has become part of a custom rather than just a normal beverage. Turkish coffee has been infused into their traditional wedding custom as a pre-test for the groom when he visits the bride’s house to ask for her hand in marriage. It is said that when the bride prepares the groom’s coffee, she will add salt instead of sugar. If the groom’s expression is taken into consideration when he drinks that cup of coffee, and if a lack of response is shown, the groom is assumed to be good-natured and patient. So how does one actually make Turkish Coffee? The beans are roasted and the finely ground coffee beans are simmered in a pot. Sugar and cream is added according to one’s preference.

A woman is making Turkish Coffee- Pouring water in to the pot (cezve)

3. Costa Rican Coffee

While Costa Rica is usually well known for its beaches and holiday get-a-way’s, it small country also produces wet-processed Arabicas. Their coffee beans are well known for having a perfect balance; having grown predominantly in small farms or estates. Their careful detail to top quality processing and meticulous growing methods have definitely built Costa Rica’s reputation for fine coffee. Their coffee is identified in two ways, which are; clean balanced, resonantly and powerful or clean, balanced and rather inert.


4. Brazilian Coffee

Known to be the biggest producing country in the world and the most complex in terms of harvesting, Brazil seems to have seemingly endless expanses for availability for its production. Both Arabica and Robusta bean plantations take up immense areas of land in Brazil and the climate, soil quantity and altitude in Brazil all but adds on to the good growth of coffee beans. A good cup of Brazilian coffee is not only low in acid, but is also clear and sweet.


5. Kenyan Coffee

Well-known and well-liked in both the States and Europe, Kenyan coffee beans has a fruity acidity and is combined with rich fragrance. Kenya’s coffee is broken down into different grades, with the highest and largest being AA, followed by A and B. Their main growing area is all the way from the 17,000-foot Mount Kenya to the capital Nairobi. Coffee is also grown on the borders between Uganda and Kenya, on the slopes of Mount Elgon. A Kenyan cup is usually both balanced and complex, but some display dry berryish nuances and citrus tones.


So, if you haven’t tried any of the above yet, what are you waiting for? Take a a trip to these countries and experience first-hand how their coffee beans are harvested!

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Remember, coffee is more than a beverage – it’s our livelihood.

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