When we say that Flexiroam X provides the best data plans for high-speed data roaming, we’re not just using commercial marketing tactics to lure customers in.

We affirm this statement with confidence simply because we have done our research on nearly all data packages that local telcos have to offer in countries around the world. You probably aren’t aware of this, but most data roaming plans sold by your local telcos are ridiculously overpriced; even if you are aware, you can’t really do anything about it unless there’s a better alternative for you.


Here comes the part where we say “Hey, now there’s a better alternative for you – Flexiroam X!” right? Nope. Like we said, we aren’t just trying to push our product to you aggressively like most companies do. We do want to sell our products, but we believe that forcing our beliefs onto people just isn’t the way to do business.

Our utmost priority is improving our customers’ quality of life, which can be achieved when people are able to make the most rational judgement and choose products that truly suits their wants and needs best. And in order to do so, we trust that educating you is the way to go. Knowledge is power, and when you have knowledge as a shield, you will no longer have to settle for overpriced products again because you are a well-informed consumer.

Now, we will compare the value of Flexiroam X to your local telcos’ roaming plans in terms of price, coverage, and flexibility. After looking through the data we have summarized, you will be an alert consumer and will always be able to make the best decision when you are choosing data roaming plans.


Like we have mentioned previously, the prices charged for data roaming packages provided by local telcos are extremely excessive. This is especially evident in countries with a high cost of living, such as Australia, Singapore, US etc. For examples, Australian telcos can charge up to USD$3~$5 per MB for their global data roaming services. Even you opt for a smaller coverage, their prices can still reach $4 per 100MB, which will eventually add up to a huge amount.

Flexiroam only charges at most $2 per 100MB for data roaming in 140+ countries, and that’s not even including the countless promotions we have throughout the year, which includes Buy 1 Free 1 for Xtra Data, 70% off, 50% off etc.

Here are some comparison examples:


Digi Roam Like Home: 10 countries

Celcom Roaming: 30 countries, 7 Days

Singtel Ready Roam:

26 USD, 1GB, 30 days, 56 countries
Mobile 1 Data Passport (only one destination) : 7.5USD up to 18.7USD depending on regions you visit

(If exceed your data, you will be charged 7.8USD/GB)


Telstra prepaid packages: 21.44USD, 100MB, 30 days, 50 countries, additional MB will be charged 3$/MB

Flexiroam Global Data 1 GB, 90 days, 30 USD, 140 countries
Flexiroam Local Data, prices start from 3.5USD (1GB) depending on location

Of course, there is another way to use Internet without subscribing to local plans when you are travelling in another country – buying a
prepaid SIM card from that country and subscribing to their local data plan.

Unless you are travelling to those high-cost countries we have stated (since their regular local data plans are also incredibly costly), chances are that the prices of the local SIM data plans will be cheaper compared to Flexiroam X’s Global Data. However, we will insist that that is not an accurate comparison.

When you are buying a foreign SIM card and subscribing to a local data plan, your data coverage will only be limited to that specific country. In contrast, Flexiroam X’s Global Data plan focuses on high-speed worldwide coverage, which ranges up to 140 countries.

However, our Local Data plans are specifically designed for consumers that are only interested to have data coverage in one region. We believe that weighting these prepaid SIM cards against our well-balanced Local Data plans would be a more reasonable comparison since they both have similar coverage.

The prices of Flexiroam X’s local data plans are as competitive as these prepaid SIM cards – often times even cheaper because of the many promotions we have. This is because we have partnered with the local telcos in order to provide you with fast network coverage.

With that in mind, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your data connection! With us however, you can enjoy exclusive benefits: purchasing your data in advance and not having to commit to a subscription service in a language you can barely understand.


We have also made a comparison between Flexiroam X and the data roaming services available in the US. While we are still significantly cheaper with our prices, we find our strongest point to be our flexibility.

Most US telcos, if not all, only offer a restricted set of validity for their data plans, ranging from 3 days to 30 days. Again, the same goes for most countries such as South Africa, Brazil, Kuwait, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, etc. These local telcos’ primary objectives are to ensure your connection within your home country,so really, there is no surprise that they only offer a limited range of flexibility in their choice of validity periods. It is incredibly costly and tedious for a frequent traveller to keep buying a data plan every month, especially if they can’t even finish their quota from their previously purchase plan.

To give you a direct comparison, let’s bring out an real-life example of a US Telco charging $22 for 1GB data roaming, but with only a 7 day validity. 7 days is a very short period, so suppose that you are unable to finish all 1GB data in 7 days. All your unused data will be burned off, and in this case you have basically wasted away your money for something you can’t even use.

Now we will talk about our example, which is Flexiroam X 1GB Xtra Data Lite. Similarly, we also charge $22 for this plan, but in comparison, we offer you half-a-month validity for the same price, which allows you room for versatility. On top of that, all your unused data after the end of the validity period can even be accumulated to your next plan if you top up before the expiry date, so you can ensure that every single MB of data you paid for is efficiently used.  

Flexiroam X’s data plans offers validity ranging from one day to one whole year.

Data Plans and Coverage

Apart from flexibility in validity, we have also observed the number for choices offered by your local telcos. Again, these telco companies’ prioritize your data connection within your home country, not in a foreign country, so all of them undoubtedly have a very narrow range of choices when it comes to data roaming plans.

Flexiroam X has a extremely wide range of data plans that can be customized to your needs. We have up to 232 local data plans for you to choose from, covering more than 52 countries and 6 regions. For worldwide coverage, we currently offer 12 different global data plans from 100MB to 11GB, with validity lengths ranging from 15 days to 360 days!

Most telcos require you to subscribe to a monthly service, and thus you will often be bugged by endless notifications prompting you to pay. However, our services doesn’t force you to commit by purchasing any long-term plans. Our method is simple: Buy only when you need.

Flexiroam X specializes in providing low-cost data roaming services with utmost flexibility, so we are always expanding to offer more customized choices to our clients.

It goes without saying that we are confident Flexiroam X will always be the better choice for your data roaming needs, and based on the evidence we provide, we believe that you will be able to evaluate and choose what’s best for you too.  

To check out more about Flexiroam X, you can download our mobile app from the App Store or Google Play or visit the official site now.

Remember, be a smart consumer and make the most cost-efficient choices! Flexiroam X wishes you a great adventure on your future travels.

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