Digital Marketing Conference in Thailand


Last November FLEXIROAM, represented by Nicholas Yeap and Luiz Reschke, attended1 the Digital Marketing Conference organized by HSMAI. The event took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Present were many important hoteliers and executives of the travel industry, including, PATA, Marriott, Accor, Adobe and many others.

The conference was focused on the use of different digital strategies to earn more brand awareness, build reputation as well as increase the number of customers – especially for hoteliers.

For FLEXIROAM it was an opportunity to learn more about how hoteliers see the digital marketing world, how they approach their customers and also a great chance of doing important networking for future partnerships.

Some of the highlights of the conference:

Engaging the Connected Traveller

Jack Ferguson, Director of Sales & Marketing of Movenpick Hotel, presented about the opportunity to impact a travelers’ decision as they plan journey. The first stage is awareness, and the last one is to consider the booking.

Each of the stages have it’s own challenges and need a different approach in order to inspire people to travel. The final goal is to stand out in a crowded marketplace and close the sale.

Social Channels – Selling, Branding or Lead Generation?

In this part of the conference, hoteliers and other travel industry members discussed about the usage of the social channel for different purposes.

It was interesting to see that some give a 100% focus on branding, and have good planning for that. Some disagreed with this approach; choosing to split the attention between selling, branding and even lead generation.

Blogger & Influence Marketing

In this very interesting session three bloggers shared their views about how to leverage digital influences.

Nowadays online content producer with a loyal audience has a huge influence and might drive new customers to your business or even keep them away from you – depending on their opinion, and their opinion will be based and what they see through your services and products.

For this reason is important for travel industry companies to pay attention in the blogosphere regularly and see who are the hot influencers at the moment and what they are saying about their services.

The bloggers talked about companies who partner with them, inviting them to try their services and write a review about it – a sincere one. This way, if they guarantee to provide the best service they’ll probably receive a great review. This reviews can automatically increase the number of customers – just because people trust that blogger enough to base their decisions on his opinion.

Customer Mobile Experience

Last year the digital travel commerce reached an important milestone – desktop sales decreased due to the significant increase in the purchase of mobile devices. Travelers now spend their time multi-tasking across a range of devices, making it harder than ever for marketers to create a plan to engage them.

The importance of multi-screen and multi-channel plans was discussed in this session and some success cases were showed as a guide for the conference attendants to work on it.