eSIM: How Do Manufacturers and Mobile Network Operators Get An Advantage?


Businesses are using eSIM in their enterprise devices. With that, it is sure to provide a host of advantages from simpler technical management to stepped-up security, not to mention cost optimization as well.

Mobile operators and device manufacturers to have a lot to gain as well. 

Here’s how:



eSIM can be soldered in place within a device and later sealed, making it temperature- and water-resistant.
Not to mention, would be ideal for usage in connected cars to combat extreme heat and bumpy roads.



Having an eSIM enables multiple mobile operators’ profiles. A profile is a virtual profile that stores your subscription and networking settings and enables you to be connected to your respective operator.

This means for iPhone dual SIM phones such as the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR you could use one number for business and another for personal calls or add a local data plan when you travel abroad and even have separate voice, text and data plans.   

According to Gemalto, a survey presented by Telefonica at the World eSIM Summit 2018, 60% of respondents said they want effortless device activation and agree that the eSIM technology provides that.

More about the survey here:

Security measures


The Global System Mobile Association (GSMA) together with other mobile network operators and stakeholders to guarantee the secure encryption and transportation of operator credentials. This is vital as an eSIM is not a software, thus sending profiles over the air could, in theory, make it susceptible to hacking.

Streamline logistics


Mobile network operators used to deal with the logistical task of handling millions of SIM cards. Now, with eSIM in the picture, they can develop digital experiences for their subscribers with eSIM roaming while reducing the burden on their supply chain and gaining customer loyalty at the same time.

New products


With eSIM, manufacturers (Eg: connected car or wearables) would have the ability to build devices with “blank” SIMs that could be activated in destination countries. This functionality promises easy equipment connectivity and allows manufacturers to offer new products in new market segments.

There’s certainly a coveted spot for eSIM in the future as Remote SIM Provisioning specifications commits to creating an even greater user experience. Also, with 5G connectivity almost within reach, you can be sure that processing power will be incredible and eSIM will play an integral role in the mix.  

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