Flash Sale: Are You Ready For Flexiroam’s 50% Discount?


Controlling your spending is harder than it sounds. And if there is a solution, it is often “too good to be true”, especially when you have a load of bills that you need to take care of.

Be it your electric bill, water bill, heat bill, home internet, mobile phone bill, car bills, home bills and many other BILLSSSS.

The question here is do we really need to add more on this pile?

I don’t think so.

Find Clever Ways To Spend


So, people always find clever ways to spend their money. Sometimes, it pays well not to make any significant purchases until a particular season comes. Say, Black Friday. A day where people FLOOD marketplaces in the US to buy things they need, and even things they don’t really need – Because prices are ridiculously low.

Prices are slashed to 30%, 50%, 70, and even more.

Items you thought you will never buy are now at your reach!

A brand new TV set with full sound system can cost nearly $3,600 – or more – not taking the too cheap bad quality or the too expensive super quality.

That same TV set is marked down to $1,800 or lower.


Last year, around the same time, I bought a 49 inch HDTV. Original price: $1,800 – I got it for $960. Something I was comfortable spending. BUT, here is the sad story – I don’t watch TV. I bought it anyway because I could spend that kind of money.

I also am using it to watch YouTube, Netflix, and sometimes, HBO (Game of Thrones, Westworld or something similar). So, it was not a bad investment after all.

Online Shopping


With online shopping, things have changed dramatically. In the US, 79% of all Americans do their shopping online, according to a VOX report. American shopping habits are conducted while lying in bed, on the toilet, at the dinner table over a drink.

Online shopping enables people to actually get what they want at any time they want. So, they can save the time of various deals and not miss out on them. They can also purchase things like gift cards and vouchers to get even more discounts.

Online shopping allows people to plan for their purchases and future spending.

Say – you want to buy a fridge or a special roaming service (wink, wink) – you will be able to think of it this way: Hey, what special holiday is coming up soon or later? Is there usually a discount associated with it? How much is the discounted value or the special deal?

Now, as the deadline approaches, you will be looking at your screen to see the count down. As that count down hits ZERO and the sale starts: you have probably already logged in, opened all the tabs you need, and ready to go clicking and filling that virtual carts with all you ever wanted – BUT paying a lot less than you would, on a normal day.

Buy Your Flexiroam X        

Sometimes, just sometimes – some people feel that it is too much to pay 3 cents per MB or $29.99 for Flexiroam X Starter Pack with 1GB of Global Data.

SO – We heard your calls – You made it clear that you really want Flexiroam X and you told us that you’re waiting for more offers.

Here it is – Backed by popular demand, we are bringing back – for a LIMITED TIME ONLY:


Offer valid on 24 & 27 of November

Save the date & the code XFLASHX.


For the price of one Starter Pack, you get another starter pack: fully loaded.

Say, you buy 3GB Starter Pack, you get another 3GB Starter Pack for yourself or for someone else!

Similarly, Global Data Plans are part of this lucrative deal. Say, you buy 5GB Global Data Plan – You will automatically be getting another 5GB Global Data Plan. So, NOW you have a total of 10GB of Global Data in your account for only $129.99.

The Experience vs The Myth


If you have experienced data roaming, you know how complicated it is and how pricing are extremely high and really very inconsistent.

Different countries have different regulations, different pricing, different ways of getting you connected.

It is really a big problem if you just decided to roam in the UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, the EU, North America and many other countries. The problem isn’t with the country or the carrier – it is really complicated and explaining it wouldn’t make any difference.

The experience can be GREAT or HORRIFYING!

Horrifying if you get the bill is stacking up – and the shock follows when least expected. Or if you are on a prepaid plan, there is no point of even having a top up because it will literally just disappear using it or not. You will relay on the internet in the airport or the hotel or a Starbucks. You will be stuck!

The experience can be an amazing one with virtually unlimited access to the internet, in more than 120 countries. From the moment you land, to the moment you get your ride out the airport, to the moment you get to your hotel, before heading to that important meeting across Downtown Manhattan, or Melbourne City Centre, or Roppongi And Akasaka in central Tokyo, or across central down Dubai.

This experience can come with a solution like Flexiroam X. The answer to your prayers – if you will.

DON’T fall for the MYTH of UNLIMITED DATA advertised by carriers. There is no such thing. Read the terms of agreement.

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