Flexiroam Sdn Bhd has organized an appreciation luncheon for its partners that was held at The Gravy Factory to endorse the completion of FLEXIROAM 360° and celebrate the golden milestone achievements that was travelled through programme together.

Briefly about FLEXIROAM 360°

FLEXIROAM 360° is a unique incentive program for Flexiroam’s partners in the travel industry. This program offers various flexible channels for generating significant additional income for partner’s business. The more actively one participate in each of the following programs, the more revenue one can generate.

The FLEXIROAM 360° comprises of various sub sectional programs that are considered to be the revenue generating streams to benefit the travel agencies. Particularly Branding & Concept Store, Advertising & Promotions Program, Event Participation & Marketing Activities (EPMA) Program, Sales Incentives Program, 360° Degrees Membership Program, Share The Love Program.

These programs can be integrated symbiotically to increase the revenue of travel agency. For instance, allocating space for FLEXIROAM’s marketing-related materials at any event that travel agencies are taking part will qualify them for the benefits stated in Branding & Concept Store as well as Event Participation & Marketing Activities (EPMA) Program.

Highlighting the compendium facts and figures, thousands of travellers from Malaysia & Singapore were able to cut on roaming bills with FLEXIROAM 360° programme while travelling around the globe. Each travel agency was allocated marketing budget of USD 25,000 out of which the half served as an incentive for travel agencies.


Appreciation Speech, Nicholas Yeap, VP Sales & Marketing .

Mr. Yeap has thanked all travel agencies with great joy in his heart as it would be hardly possible to achieve a great success without a continuous support and contribution of all travel agencies who took part.


FLEXIROAM 360° Appreciation Certificate was awarded to representative of each travel agency.

As a token of appreciation, each travel agency was granted an appreciation certificate and premium gifts. The contribution of partners is priceless, says Mr. Yeap which is always tied to the simple collaboration principle of growing together.


Group photo of Flexiroamers and the Business Partners who attended the FLEXIROAM 360° Appreciation Luncheon

To put in a nutshell, FLEXIROAM has successfully cooperated with a total number of 63 travel agencies that included Malaysia and Singapore travel agencies. It exceeded the consensus estimated number of travel agencies as it added value towards the company growth in the programme.

To forge ahead, FLEXIROAM is going to continue to collaborate with its trusted travel agency partners by time to beast up more opportunities to grow together.