Flexiroam Brings Home Another ‘World Travel Award’ Title For 2015

Flexiroam awards

In the uniquely captured words of Mike Huckabee

“It’s when ordinary people rise above the expectations and seize the opportunity that milestones truly are reached”

There was no better reflection of this expression than the one projected by Flexiroam’s team of employees that contributed time, energy a fiery enthusiasm at the official launch of the Flexiroam App on the 24th of November 2015. The showcase of the new app turned out to be a total media success capturing the attention of industry players, potential investors and even the very target group it was made for, global travelers.

Through a public live stream,  audiences from all over the world were introduced to the complete guide on the functionality of the roam easy app, its benefits, the user-friendly interface and even the reveal of a never-seen-before ‘international number purchase capability'(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqRmCLa4N-E). It was a standing ovation event by media journalists as Jef Ong, CEO of Flexiroam, introduced Flexiroam’s very own new industry game changer, The Flexiroam App.

Flexiroam Team

And just when you were beginning to think that the applause would quieten down, there was far more to celebrate with the burst of good news that this four-year-old industry leader had reached the milestone of 500000 subscribers since its app debut. Since then the number has only spiked upwards now accurately placing them at 600000 official subscribers.

This spectacular year round performance by Flexiroam captured not only the eyes of media and  globetrotters all around the world, but even excellence-rewarding organizations too. The World Travel Awards (WTA), recognized globally as the ultimate hallmark of quality, with winners setting the benchmark to which all others aspire, publicly recognized Flexiroam  as the ‘World’s Leading Travel Communications Provider 2015’ for the 3rd time in a row. This was an all round confirmation that through the efforts and decisions made by the internal team of specialists and directors, the Malaysian telco had once again made the right ‘call’.

Jef Ong expressed his appreciation of this recognition and gave the indication that the team plans to continue embarking on this vision to reach more travelers in more places, providing them with roam-easy travel communications, no interruptions.

“We are delighted to receive this global recognition by World Travel Awards for excellence in travel communications.We will continue to improve our offering and now provide travelers with every communication tool they need, from voice and video calls to photo, location and media sharing.”- Jef Ong

Flexiroam Team 2

There is definitely a lot more to expect from this booming roaming service provider. With country expansion set on their minds and a passion for enhancing the quality of travel experiences for all travel lovers in their hearts, there isn’t much that can stop this dynamic force called Flexiroam… And In the spirit of the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ debut today, MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU…on your next trip overseas.

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Written by Mbula Ngulube