Flexiroam Gets Ravi Everest Ready For The Grand Slam


“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

-John C. Maxwell

Ravichandran Tharumalingam holds up Flexiroam banner
Ravichandran Tharumalingam holds up Flexiroam banner

FLEXIROAM Shares The Story of a Visionary

He is the 21st century’s very own modern day Indiana Jones and popularly dubbed the  “Iceman” of our time. Ravichandran Tharumalingam, an inspiring and young at heart adventurer who has chosen the high life(literally) filled with views from the top and  the greatest peaks of the world.

As if climbing 8,848 metres to the highest point on the planet in 2006 was enough to satisfy the Malaysian adrenaline junkie, it seems his eyes were set on even more skyscraping peaks.

“Ravi Everest”, the 40-year-old Managing Director of TR Group of Companies has, through his years of peak trekking, inspired an entire movement of mountaineers in the community of global mountaineers through his passion for global and record-breaking expeditions. FLEXIROAM has joined in to be part of the journey of this inspiring mountaineer to make his trips as memorable as possible.

In his latest escapade, Ravi looks on to reach new heights across all oceans in the expedition that will make 2016 a year to remember, The Seven Summit. The journey that will take its course over a period of a year will begin on the 28th of January 2016 at the Grand Slam of Mountaineering in the United States of America. Ravi will depart from Kuala Lumpur to Taipei on the 28th for the preparation of his “10 Highest peaks winter training” that will take place in California, Oregon, Nevada and Colorado.

The Grand Slam of Mountaineering will be the adventurer’s first challenge to reach the north and south pole in the preparation of The Seven Summits. This ultimate challenge will take Ravi, along with a community of mountaineers towards the climaxes of all 14, eighth-thousander mountains, the North and South-Pole, The Seven Summit (the highest mountains on each continent) as well as The Second Seven Summit.

Ravi’s Everest Extraordinary Journey

Just to give you a crash course on the make-up of these eight-thousanders, they are 14 geographically separate mountains, the majority of them fall between the Himalayan and Karakoram mountains of Asia, with an average height of 26,247 feet above sea level.

Through these journeys, Ravi will not only reach his aspiration to be the first South East Asian to achieve the record in the world of mountaineering but hopes to raise 2 million in donations from companies to help charity organisations across the country. To express our greatest support of Ravi’s Everest travel to maximum altitudes, FLEXIROAM has joined in the journey to ensure that the mountaineer stays connected with those that he leaves behind while moving between borders for his training in the USA.

FLEXIROAM will be sponsoring Ravi’s travel Sim-card loaded with 5GBs worth of roam easy data that he will be able to use conveniently with the newly launched FLEXIROAM app. Not only will Ravi be able to surf the web easily in every one of  his destinations throughout the USA, but will be able to make free video calls and voice calls to FLEXIROAM app users and non-app users.

The FLEXIROAM app was designed for travelers such as Ravi in mind, who are frequently on the move and need to stay in touch without the hassle of shocking international roaming charges.

FLEXIROAM is an on-going advocate of great travel experiences and a major supporter of Mr. Tharumalingam’s passion for great heights. Follow the journey and record of the Summits on The Global Expedition Club site. Download the FLEXIROAM app for your next trip overseas to enjoy the same communication convenient features that will keep our very own mountain hero so connected all over the world, it will be as if you never left home.

“Mountaineering is a passion and the love for the nature and mountains are part of the passion. If one cannot accept this fact and don’t have love for nature, then they won’t have passion for mountaineering”

– Ravichandran (Ravi Everest)

Written by Mbula Ngulube