Flexiroam Meets MABC


Malaysian Australian Business Council: Australian Business Asia Conference



It was a 2 day excitement, business know-how and glamour for the Flexiroamers who attended the business conference on the 10th and 11th of November, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre organized by the Malaysian Australian Business Council (MABC).

Flexiroam was the co-sponsor for the Australian Business Asia (ABA) Conference and the MABC gala dinner. Flexiroamers had the chance to attend the ABA Conference and listen to all the interesting speakers.

As a panel speaker, he discussed the topic “Realizing Opportunities in Australia: The Australian Business Experience of leading Asian Companies.”

“Being an ASX listed company while operating in Asia, gives us the ability to produce and offer cheap, fast and good services; which traditionally has been difficult to achieve all 3 valued propositions together. The Australian capital market is transparent, which brings investor confidence and serves as a great platform for Asian companies like Flexiroam to globalize it’s business. Customers in Australia may cost more to acquire compared to other parts of Asia, however they are highly loyal and posses greater spending powers” said our CEO, Jef Ong who also attended the event.

The panel speakers, including Mr Jefrey Ong; our CEO.

MABC also held a Gala Dinner on the 10th November. Our team put on their best suits and dresses for the extravagant red-carpet event. The dinner provided networking opportunities to create stronger ties between Australian and Asian businesses.

In addition to that, we had our own booth at the venue to promote and sell our latest data-roaming product, Flexiroam X. Special promo codes with 1 gigabyte of free roaming data was created for the participants and this generated an interests amongst them; causing them to flock the booth during breaks to find out more about us.

All in all, it was an amazing experience for our Flexiroamers and a great exposure for Flexiroam!

Our amazing team at the MABC Gala Dinner night. From left, Celestine (Business Development), Jason Khoo (Business Development), Vki Yong (Sales & Marketing), Nur Ain (Sales & Markeitng), Yee Mun (Sales & Marketing), Katrina Sun (Sales & Marketing), Millatina Urfana (Sales & Marketing), Peiyi Malika (Business Development), Wen Yang (Business Development), and lastly, Jason Leong (Sales & Marketing)