Flexiroam X: What is and how to do network switching?


This is the story of a friend of Flexiroam. Her name is Hana. She is from Tunisia and she is here in Malaysia now.

Our friend decided to give Flexiroam X a try and demonstrate the use of the app, especially the network switching option.

So, She helped us out and here is what she did.

But first:This is Hana. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


1. She tried Flexiroam X

Hana needs to connect to Flexiroam X and enable the Data roaming service.

She got the chip and installed it on here SIM card. You can get it too from here.

After she installed the chip, she needed to install the App on here Samsung android mobile phone.

The App is also available for iPhones.

Hana then opened the App and tested it out. At this moment, the App is working well and she has already used less than 1 megabytes.

Here are some screenshots from here device:


Now it’s time to activate the chip. The activation process is available in the App and installation tutorials are available here.


After the device is restarted, the activation process is completed and now she can use the data she has.

But before using here data she needed to know that she has the connection online. The app status changes to connected. But just to make sure that she actually had a connection, she went to her phone setting and saw that she was connected to Digi and now she is using here data from Flexiroam X.


2. Switching networks

If Hana didn’t like Digi (for some reason) or if she went to a place where Digi’s services aren’t available, she could change here network to any of the networks available in Malaysia.

There are several network providers in Malaysia, mainly:

  • Maxis
  • Celcom
  • Digi
  • U Mobile

She decided to give it a try and switch to another network.

>> Depending on your phone setting (because phones are different, in case you didn’t know that), find Mobile networks > Network operators > Search networks


It might take some time for the search to find the networks available. Once you see the list, make sure you know which one is Flexiroam’s partner. This information is available in the App or check out our coverage.

Now you can select the network you want to change to. REMEMBER, the network you choose must be a partner.


Now, Hana is back to using her data but with a different operator.

She can surf the net, use her WhatsApp, send images to her friends, and more.


3. What does this mean for you?


Freedom of choice:

It is important to understand that coverage from network operators can be limited depending on the equipment, cost and other factors.

Some geographic locations don’t have 4G coverage. Other locations still have the old coverage 2G or GSM.

So, you as a user, need the freedom to choose the network based on your preference and where you end up going.

No cost:

As we all know, different networks have different charges. Granted, if you are using the local plans, the charges might not be very different from one operator to another. But that is not the case for roaming.

Switching with Flexiroam X is done ALL FREE and has no hidden charges. You will continue to use your data according to the charges in your plan.

Global option:

This example comes to you from Malaysia. There is no specific reason for that.

The good news is that this isn’t limited to Malaysia. You can do this in any country you go two if Flexiroam has coverage there and if the networks there have partnership with Flexiroam.

Here is more from Hana. She is at Batu Caves, one of Malaysia’s most famous tourist destinations.


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