We spoke to one of our new user on her first experience with Flexiroam X abroad (London and Berlin), and here is what she has to say about it: 


Was Flexiroam X Really Worth My Money?

YES! Absolutely yes. Here is my experience as a new user of Flexiroam X global data roaming in the UK and Germany for the past 2 weeks.

The Convenience 

As soon as I landed at Gatwick airport in London, there was: 1) no available local SIM card that could be purchased there; 2) too much hassle to even connect to the Free Airport Wifi Connection.

I was exhausted. All I wanted was to get to the hotel soon. Flexiroam X saved me that hassle.

I just had to switch from my Home SIM to Flexiroam X SIM through the app, and I would be connected to any available local network provider and get data just that easily!


With Flexiroam X, I could conveniently search for an Uber ride to get to Central London almost as soon as I landed. Connection was smooth and I could text the Uber drivers easily.

600MB Data was more than Enough 

I had 600MB worth of Flexiroam X data. Sounds little? That’s what I thought until I actually used it.


I was clearly, very wrong. This 600MB lasted me a solid week!

I am of course, like most millennials, a social media addict. I did try to save up as much data as I could so that it could last me longer, turning it off when not in use.

BUT, 600MB was enough for me to use Google Map Navigation (constantly), Whatsapp messaging, and occasional Facebook, Instagram and InstaStory postings……for SEVEN days.

Data Roaming in 100 Countries

Flexiroam X has coverage in at least 100 countries! Amazing ain’t it?


That said, I could EASILY move from UK to Germany without having any disruption to my data roaming. No extra charges too! I could still easily find my way around Germany through Google Map Navigation and search for popular tourist attractions or restaurants on Google too. I could also stay in contact with friends back in Malaysia as well as my family who was still in UK. Speaking about convenience…..hah.

As a female solo traveler, Flexiroam X has certainly saved me a lot of hassle especially when moving from one European country to another.

It’s also safer as I get to avoid scammers who are trying to sell SIM cards with little to no data coverage.

In fact, I was scammed at Hamburg airport about a year ago. The seller basically said that the data plan I was purchasing covers every European country, only to realize when I was in Prague that there was zero coverage there. (Urgh, my money!) Bad experiences stay they said. I just wish I had known about Flexiroam X earlier!

Smooth and Stable Network

Who wouldn’t want constant smooth connection?


With Flexiroam X, I get to always have stable connection wherever I go. I get to also choose which local network provider I’d prefer to roam with.

For instance, when I’m in Central London, I can pretty much roam smoothly with any local network provider Flexiroam X has connected me with (O2, Vodafone, EE, etc…). But as I move further to, for instance, the Stonehenge, some local network connection naturally becomes weaker as there are little to no data coverage.

But thanks to Flexiroam X, it automatically finds and connects to the fastest available local network in the area, which allowed me to stay connected even at the outskirts of the UK. In other words, Flexiroam X allowed me to switch network for better coverage at a flat rate!

Would I purchase another Flexiroam data package


Most certainly! For the convenience as well as smooth connection and coverage in so many countries, it was well worth every penny!

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