Introducing Flexishare! How it Works?


What is FlexiShare?

FlexiShare is the most anticipated data sharing feature that allows you to share your data even 5000 miles away from your friend and family!

Our latest feature which allows Flexiroam users to SHARE DATA with their friends and family, even when miles apart!
No need to use Pocket Wifi or MiFi devices, when you have FlexiShare.

You can share Unlimited Data with friends and family anytime, just at a tap on the share button. Available for Local Data Plans and Global Data Plans.

Benefits of Flexishare


Data sharing that allows you to share your data just at the tap of a button.
Stay connected even 5000 miles away from your Friends and Family.
A MiFi Killer feature, No more use of Pocket WiFi or any MiFi device.
Cost sharing within Friends and Family.
FlexiShare available for the Local Data Plans which are cheaper than the Local SIM cards, and also available for Global Data plans.
Share Unlimited Data  to the unlimited number of users.

How it works?

For existing Flexiroam users if you already have the app make sure it is the latest version. Update hereFor new users, purchase a starter pack from our online shop. And download our app to activate your Flexiroam X.




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Users can tap on the shared plan to view how much data has been shared with their friends/family and when was it shared.


Users can share their data with as many friends/family as they want as long as users have a minimum 100MB of data balance left in their plan. A message will pop up and prompt users if their data balance for the plan is at 100MB.

Note: 100MB is the minimum amount of data that users can share with others.


For using the Shared Data, your friends and family must have the Microchip/SIM Card.

Don’t worry, while buying a data plan, you can also choose to get a blank Microchip or SIM card for your friends/family.

Note: Shipping fees apply. These microchips / SIMs does not come with any data plans.


  1. What are the data plans that I can share?
    Both Local and Global data plans and promo data plans with “FlexiShare” icon.
  1. What is the minimum data threshold needed in order to share my data?
    You need to have a minimum balance of 100MB in your data plan after you shared. Meaning if you had 200MB, you can only share 100MB with your friends.
  1. What is the minimum amount of data that I can share?
    You can share a minimum 100MB data.
  1. Can I cancel my data plan after data share?
    No, your data plan cannot be canceled after data sharing is confirmed.

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