The Sacrifices that Flight Attendants Make – A Day In The Life


“Flight attendants are having good lives”
“They make good money and get paid for travelling”
“I wish my job is as easy and as enjoyable as theirs”
“Their job is stress-free, unlike ours”

We all know that flight attendants always greet us with a smile, but we are probably not aware of the sacrifices they are making behind it.

Many people have the prenotion that flight attendants are living the life, travelling here and there for their work, but the actual fact is that it is way more challenging than it looks like.

Flight attendants have not only have to deal with physical challenges, but mental challenges as well, as listed below:

Tiredness: Lack of Sleep

Flight attendants have to give their best to serve us despite having not enough sleep and feeling tired all the time, and of course not forgetting about the long hours flights that cause jet lag.

Having to Deal with Difficult Passengers

It’s a fact that there will always be difficult customers in any industry. Most of the time, this gets resolved by either the customer or the staff walking away to cool off. However, this is not an option when you are in an enclosed environment with nowhere to go for a few hours!

Missing Holidays with Loved Ones

When we get together with our family during Christmas, Summer breaks and other holidays – Flight Attendants are on the clock and miss the chance to celebrate with their own family. The Airline industry does not take any breaks and neither do their operations staff.

Dry Skin, Dry Hair and Weak Nails

As what we have mentioned in the previous article – working under a heavily air-conditioned environment is bad for the skin, hair, and even nails. So you may consider buying moisturizers or conditioners as a Christmas gift for your flight attendant friends.

Unhealthy Diet

Flight Attendants will not have the chance to have balance diet most of the time especially when they are on long-hour flights. They only rely on the limited selection of food they have available on the aircraft during their shift, and we all know airplane food isn’t the freshest, not to mention they have to eat the same thing over and over again!

“Your Job is Easy”

There are people who always think that flight attendants’ jobs are easy and they get to travel around stress-free, which is totally different from the reality!

Flight attendants are professionals that are trained for many unexpected issues that may happen onboard such as fires, medical emergencies, emergency evacuations, to name a few.

They are the first line of defense for any problems that may happen in an aircraft. People need to stop assuming that flight attendants only lead such a glamorous lifestyle, because they also work hard to have earned it.

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