Following End of Roaming Charges, EU Intros New Max Price for International Calls and SMS


EU announced a new maximum price for all international calls and SMS within the EU member states as of the 15th of May. As a result, consumers calling from their country to another EU country will pay a maximum amount of 19 cents per minute (+VAT) and 6 cents per SMS message (+VAT).

Following the end of roaming charges in June 2017, these new price caps for international calls and SMS in the EU are part of the EU-wide overhaul of telecoms rules. The new rules for international calls tackle large price discrepancies that previously existed between the member States.

On average, the standard price of a fixed or mobile intra-EU call was three times higher than the standard price of a domestic call, and the standard price of an intra-EU SMS message more than twice as expensive as a domestic one said EU in a statement. In some cases, the standard price of an intra-EU call can be up to ten times higher than the standard price for domestic calls.

Telecoms operators across the EU will have to notify the consumers of the new price caps. The rules will apply in all 28 EU countries as of 15 May and soon also in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

The maximum price is capped only for personal usage, i.e. for private customers. Business customers are excluded from this price regulation, given that several providers have special offers particularly attractive for business customers.

With the rise of messenger apps like WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger, it is more ideal to use data in communication instead of SMS and calls. Data offers the same or better quality compared to normal calls & SMS.

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