We would like to announce that on the 23rd-24th, FLEXIROAM is teaming up with Braintree/PayPal to showcase to the tech and business community FLEXIROAM’s latest innovation, the Roam8 Smartphone Application at the upcoming Echelon Asia Summit 2015.

Echelon Asia Summit is a convention where techies, coders, innovators and business people meet to showcase their latest work. It is also a platform for parties to make valuable  networks and connections.

Our Roam8 mobile app rides on Braintree Payment platform to bring its users extreme ease of payment and access to FLEXIROAM services from anywhere in the world.  Furthermore, just like our original line of products, you get the convenience of keeping your domestic mobile number. Unlike other smartphone call applications, the Roam8 allows users to make calls to other numbers regardless if they have the Roam8 app installed.

Visitors of our booth will have the privilege to be selected as one of the first 100 users of the app when it is finally launched. The FLEXIROAM team will also be available to help explore with visitors potential products and business opportunities in the roaming industry.

Additionally, you will also have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with Mr Jefrey Ong, the Founder and CEO of FLEXIROAM, as he openly shares the FLEXIROAM journey and the future of global roaming market.
It will be a pleasure to have you visit our booth, hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Guys,

    The new app sounds interesting. How will it differ from existing products, for example skype?

    You mention that it can make outbound calls even to users without the app, but this is possible in many apps, like Skype, Viber etc? I’m interested to know how it differs and its advantages.

  2. Hi Joel,

    Roam8 is targeting the frequent travellers that need to have multi national presence in their business. Roam8 was developed base on the demand and feedback from our existing corporate/enterprise customers that are willing to pay for the service.

    They key selling feature of the app is having multiple country numbers in 1 app instead of carrying multiple phones while Skype, Viber and other VOIP app focuses on making free calls within the community.

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