How to get the most benefits out of roaming with Flexiroam X?

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It is not a secret that data roaming is expensive and it might ruin your budget when travelling abroad. Your budget gets out of control, then your good time turns to a stress-time.

And if you have been traveling frequently, you are well aware of the challenges and limitations you face when trying to get connected to the internet. There are solutions like connecting to the internet at the airport or buying a local SIM card. But, you can’t really relay on these solutions always.


1. Internet at the airport

Because of the volume of travelers that go through an airport at any given time, you will certainly experience difficulties using the internet there:

  • Speed issues because of the number of users
  • Security issues: it is a public network after all, your communications and personal data can be compromised
  • You have to be inside the terminal to get connected and some areas don’t even have connection
  • Some cases, you need to give up your personal data just to get connected to a network

SIM Card

2. Buying a local SIM card

  • You might not have the right currency to purchase
  • You need to give a copy of your travel document to make the purchase
  • If you have a transit or a layover, it is not even worth going through the trouble of purchasing a local SIM
  • How many SIM cards do you want to have every time you travel?

Happy Traveler

3. Solving the roaming problem

So now, let’s paint the following picture, imagine you have a truly international and a global SIM card:

  • The moment the airplane lands safely
  • The moment the pilot says you can use your phones
  • As you are still in the plane and on the runway heading towards the terminal (which might take a long time – sometimes it takes at least an hour on the runway)
  • You can connect to the local service provider with Flexiroam X for FREE and you can start using your data
  • Your local SIM will not be charged and you have a peace of mind while telling your loved ones “I landed safely”


4. What can you do with the data you have?

These days, users rarely use the phone to make any kind of direct calls, especially when you’re abroad. Most people now rely on social apps to make calls and send texts. So, you can use your roaming data for:

  • WhatsApp, Viber, and other social messagingand communications apps
  • Connect to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms
  • If you are a business traveler, check your emails and do your work on the go
  • Internet voice calls
  • Browse your favorite sites and catch up on news and other updates
  • Don’t forget to upload some photos to show your family, friends, and colleagues
  • Get your Uber or Grab driver
  • Contact the hotel where you made your booking
  • If you didn’t make any booking, you can do it from the airport
  • And you can even use your GPS


5. Solving language barriers & scammers

Miscommunication is very common, especially in countries where travelers and locals don’t share similar language or speak a common language. Even if they do speak a language (English for example), there will be some miscommunication. Some people will even attempt to run a scam on travelers because of the language issue. This solution allows you:

  • Overcome language barriers by allowing you to access information you need instantly and get assistance in translation
  • Reduce chances of being scammed or cheated at an airport by verifying claims made by taxi drivers, hotel booking agents and other issues, as well as do your fact checking

Save Moeny

6. Roam at flat rate

When you get to a country and want to start roaming there, the question that often comes to mind is: which service provider offers the most reasonably charges for roaming and how efficient is the connection?

This question is no longer an issue here because:

  • You can simply change the service provider with Flexiroam X and choose which ever you’re comfortable with
  • The best part, you will not be charged at different rates when you change the service provider because you’re using your Flexiroam X data
  • You can connect to over 580 networks worldwide

Travel Easy

7. Travel made easy

Travel with the peace of mind you deserve anywhere and at all times.

Check out our FAQ for more clarification.