IMPORTANT: 5 Tips For Travelers On/Off Holiday Season


As the holiday season approaches, many of us are plan to go for somewhere – if we are not going back home to spend some time with family and childhood friends.

Also, many of us have already begun to book tickets and sort out travel arrangements. Yes, many of us are actually doing it this early.

If you are not doing it early, then you will have so much trouble down the road as the season approaches.


We all know that travel can be very stressful, let alone holiday travel.

Regardless of where you will be going (home or away), you need to organize your stuff and learn more about what you can possibly do to make travel less stressful for you.

Noma Nazish, a writer at Forbes put out a list of tips for travelers – BOTH frequent and seasonal – to organize their travel and help make things easier. Here is an improvised list that we at Flexiroam like to keep in mind when we travel.

Make sure to check the VIDEOS…

1. Organize Your Cords, Cables & Wires

If you are a traveler who likes to move around with lots of gadgets, your computer, earphones, charging cables, and other stuff, you are familiar with the ULTIMATE problem – GETTING TANGLED as soon as you put them in the bag.

It doesn’t have to be like that. You can beat this mess and here is a creative way to do it – BOYS, these girls have got it figured out:

2. Packing The Smaller Items

This can be anything like jewelry, make-up, watches, glasses, small outdoors equipment, medication and other things. Organizing these things can be easy, productive and will save you lots of time, space and even money.

  • Get a travel kit for small items
  • Use reasonable size boxes to pack fragile stuff like glasses
  • Get the only things you need (If you’re going to see someone in the city, you might not want to pack your fishing gear)
  • Keep things minimal
  • Use bubble wrap if you need to
  • etc

Here’s how to pack for a Business Trip

3. Get The Right Bag

Of course, you know this.

If you are traveling for business purposes, you need something that would keep your clothes properly organized, less wrinkles and lots of space for various usages (laptop, papers, stationary, etc).

If you travel for leisure purposes, you need a bag that is light and well compartmentalized.

If you are going to the great big outdoors, you need a different type of bag all-together: you need something that can handle dirt, rain, snow, and other things you find outdoors.

Here is a great video about choosing a bag:

Here is another video to help with choosing a bag for the outdoors and backpacking:

4. Priority Packing

This is more of a reminder rather than a tip. Many of us travel with at least two bags. One goes into the flight’s check-in and another is a carry-on we take on board of the flight (or train, or bus or whatever).

The general rule of thumb is to pack the stuff you need to use in the smaller lighter carry-on bag (please, keep in mind the rules of airports, ferries, buses, trains and other modes of transportation.)

This video has some great ideas.

5. Research Your Destination

If you’re going home, you don’t need to do much research or no research at all. BUT, if you haven’t been there for the past 10 years, you might want to check with your buddies or a member of your family and ask about what changed and what you need to know.

If you’re going somewhere else abroad, don’t forget to get your Flexiroam travel buddy with you. But don’t forget to research your destination well.

Information to look for include:

  • Public transportation options and rules
  • Ride sharing apps
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Check hotels online
  • Weather conditions and pollution levels
  • Country’s/destination’s rules about smoking and etiquette in public places
  • Conversational manners (be polite)
  • Food manners
  • Does and Don’t Does
  • Display of public affection
  • To tip or not to tip
  • Learn a little about the language (the more you learn the better you will get along)
  • Toilet stuff (using water vs using TP)
  • The use of credit card
  • Electrical supplies and plugs you need
  • And more

Check this great video about manners in Japan:

And remember to keep Flexiroam with you while on the road for all your roaming solutions during the holiday season.

Let us know in the comment section below if you have other tips! Be sure to also check out our cheap data roaming package at Flexiroam X with data coverage in 100+ countries before you travel! 

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