Happy International Cats Day! – A Special Tribute To Our Furry Friends


It’s International Cats Day!
Let’s show some love to our furry friends!


Persian, Shorthair, Siamese, Ragdoll, Sphynx… which is your favorite breed of cat?

The International Cats Day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002 to bring awareness to homeless cats. Today, we celebrate this festival to appreciate these cuddly lovely beings and to spend our 24 hours setting them as our main priority.

What do you love the most about cats? Is it their big eyes, small ears, the way they yawn and stretch? Introverts love cats as they have a lot in common.

Just as introverts, cats are more selective about whom they choose to love and be with. Other than that, cats like to be alone most of the time just as their introverted masters.

However, that doesn’t mean that extroverts are incapable of being loved by cats. Just as any pet, they love to be taken cared of. Domestic cats (including some stray cats as well) are found to be friendly, playful and curious of their surroundings.

Sometimes, cats’ behaviors can be really hilarious too, that’s why we have funny cat videos to watch when we are having a bad day.

Who remembers the famous keyboard cat? 

So what are the Benefits of owning a cat?

It was found that cats help to reduce stress level, anxiety, loneliness, depression and even the risk of having a heart attack! If you live alone or feel lonely most of the time, you are encouraged to adopt a cat as your companion.

Here are the reasons why:

1) Cuddling with your cats, especially kittens, could give an affectionate feeling and releases serotonin, which makes you happier. They love to be wrapped up by our arms to keep them warm and comfy.

2) Having a cat also helps a person to cope with their lost ones. Adopting a pet cat could fill up the emptiness in your heart and by having a cat by your side it’ll be just like having a new companion in life.

3) It takes less effort to take care of cats compared to most pets. Cats know how to clean themselves up and even bury their own feces. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about picking-up animal feces in your house and also washing urine stains on the wall.

4) Sometimes, having a pet cat could also help you to find your other half! Research has proven that having a pet makes you more attractive to others. It was also found that women find men who own cats show greater intelligence and have a better sense of surrounding awareness.

I think we can all agree that cats deserve much more appreciation from us. So make sure to spend more time with your cats and love them.

Even if you’re not a cat person and you don’t own any cats, you can still appreciate these cute looking creatures by feeding them. There are many cats are suffering from starvation and being abandoned until today.

Saving lives isn’t that difficult, you can start saving our furry friends today! If you can’t afford to buy a pet cat, you can always opt to adopt one from http://www.paws.org/.


Here’s a picture of our own Flexicat.

Meet “Po”!  He was found by us on the streets close to our HQ, he was lost and very sick. After being fed and taken care of, Po is now very playful and loves to explore the world!

He is now adopted by a loving family that can give him love and affection that he deserves!

Start roaming with Flexiroam to post your pictures with these adorable furry ones.

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