Happy International Nurses Day! What is all about?


“Nurse, Just another word to describe a person strong enough to tolerate everything and soft enough to understand everyone.”

Nurse, it is not a career which promises big money, however in this profession, the memorable returns are a great sense of appreciation and compassion shown by the patients and the society.

The Flexiroam family celebrates this occasion and we want to share the celebration with you to show our appreciation to the hardworking nurses around the world

Interesting Fact

The date was picked as it is the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. (12 May)

654314066Well, who is Florence Nightingale?

She was a statistician and English social reformer. Impressive? Well she is also the founder of modern nursing.

Nightingale became famous and a notable figure while serving as a manager of nurses trained by her during the Crimean War, where she tend to the wounded soldiers. She gave nursing a highly favorable reputation and she also became an icon of Victorian culture.

Nightingale was a remarkable and versatile writer. Some of her tract were written in simple English so that they could easily be understood by those with poor literacy skills, this is to ensure not just people with certain education background can understand her tract but also those who don’t even have any educational background.

Fun fact

Did you know that there are over 26 different types of nursing professions!

Who knew? (well, maybe you did). On this day we will take a look into 2 types of nurses professions which are travel nurse and volunteer nurse. Why only these two you ask? This is because they are willing to leave the comfort of their home so that they can help people in other countries, remote locations and during disaster relief efforts.

Traveling Nurses

Yes, the name says it all. Travel nurses is an exciting profession where licensed nurses that travel across different regions or countries, while doing what they love.

Travel nurse were developed as a response to shortage of nurses in hospitals in another countries/regions, so that all the patients are being looked after.

Well, traveling nurses are not just a registered nurses (general), they are actually mostly specialised in different certain areas. Such as:

  •  Intensive Care
  •  Perioperative nurses (or in easy terms is surgery Nurse)
  •  Computer Conversion Nursing (Electronic Health and Medical Records) – in other words IT expert nurse
  •  Labor & delivery and pediatrics

Volunteering Nurses

On the other hand, volunteering nurses are nurses who travels to ‘developing countries,’ where healthcare workers and facilities are needed the most, and also countries with high poverty levels.

Therefore these nurses who volunteer their time, skills and expertise to the cause would reduce the impact of insufficient medical care in ‘developing countries’.

“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.” – Val Saintsbury

Both of types have something in common. Well, it is to have to leave the comfort of their home, to go to a foreign country. But in every rain, theres a rainbow ! And here are the perks of being this two awesome nurses.

  • Endless Adventure!
  • Freedom and flexibility
  • Resume building
  • Meeting new people


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