Investor Update: Flexiroam’s Latest Progress and Financial Performance


If you don’t already know, Flexiroam has been shaking up the data roaming industry.

With our highly innovative data roaming solution, frequent travellers or business travellers can now stay connected wherever they go. We have data coverage in more than 120 countries.

What is our data roaming solution? 

A microchip. 

All you have to do is stick our Flexiroam X microchip onto your current SIM card just once, and download the Flexiroam App. You can now connect to the internet whenever and wherever you travel.

Investor Update: The Breakdown

Flexiroam is pleased to bring its stakeholders up to speed on the latest progress and financial performance. The expansion of its distribution partnerships and the subscriber base were some of the many information highlighted.

Here is the breakdown of some key highlights:


1. We have a 137% increase in consumer sales within half a year.

Within just 6 months (ending on the 30 September 2017), we have experienced a 137% increase in consumer sales as compared to the previous 6-months-period (ending on the 30 September 2016).

With such increase, we are getting a more balanced revenue from both corporate and consumer sales; rather than being strongly reliant on corporate sales only.

2. The number of our monthly active users have increased 38%.

Within merely 6 months (May-October 2017), the number of our monthly active users have increased 38%. The average transaction per paying user is 1.16.

3. We have doubled the number of packs distributed to partners.

From July to October 2017, the number of packs that we’ve distributed to our partners has almost doubled from 25,790 packs to 49,910 packs. There has also been a surge in our partners’ customers from 701 users to 2,231 users (218% increase) who upgraded their data plans.

4. We have strategic partnerships with over 150 distribution partners from 37 countries.

These strategic partnerships have certainly granted us visibility in multiple countries and locations worldwide, including 29 airport stores.

5. We have 180 total number of countries with subscribers

Our total number of countries with subscribers has increased to 180 along with the rapid global expansion in the geographical spread of Flexiroam’s subscribers.

You can click here for the full report. 

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