Win an iPad2 contest!

Contest: Win an iPad 2 & Prizes Worth More Than RM10,000!

How to Join?

1.  Sign up for FlexiRoam –


For existing users, login to your account page – to your flexiroam account

2. In your account page,  Click on the Refer Friends tab.

3. Share the your unique link with friends! Once 3 of them signs up, you get 1 entry into the draw.

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Every 3 friends who signs up from your referal link will give you 1 entry into the draw

There are no limits to how many entries you can have in the draw. So share away! Continue reading to view the Terms & Conditions of the contest.

Terms & Conditions

ITEM 2: PROMOTER The promoter is (jointly and severally where applicable) Reapfield Technology Sdn. Bhd (680917-P) trading as: 

Flexiroam of 18-2, Jalan PJU 8/3A, Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E., Malaysia.


(the “Promoter”).


(the “website”).

ITEM 4: PROMOTION REGISTRATION DATES AND TIMES Online Registrations will open at 0:00 midnight on Monday 11th April, 2011 and will close at 11.59pm on Sunday 10th July, 2011 (“Registration Period”). 

The Promoter reserves the right to extend the Registration Period at its own discretion.

Participants must have a valid Flexiroam account in order to participate in this Promotion, in accordance with Item 7: Method of Entry.

ITEM 5: PROMOTION CONTESTING DATES AND TIMES The draw for weekly prizes will take place between 10.00am and 12.00 noon each Monday from 25th April, 2011 until 11th July, 2011 (“Promotional Period”). 

Every individual Monday during the Promotional Period is known as a “Draw Day”. There will be twelve (12) Draw Dates.

Out of the 12 Draw dates, six (6) days shall be considered as “Bonus Draw date” where extra prizes shall be given to participants.

Bonus Draw Dates:

  • Monday, 25 April, 2011
  • Monday, 9 May, 2011
  • Monday, 23 May, 2011
  • Monday, 6 June, 2011
  • Monday, 20 June, 2011
  • Monday, 4 July, 2011

Grand Draw Date:

  • Monday, 11 July, 2011
ITEM 6: ENTRANT RESTRICTIONS Entry is available to residents of Malaysia. 

Entrants must be aged 18 years and over

Entry is restricted to people who have a valid Flexiroam account.

A person is ineligible to participate in the Competition and redeem any prizes if they are employees of Reapfield Technology Sdn. Bhd., their immediate families, distributors, dealers, their employees and immediate families and any affiliated or related party.

  1. During the Registration Period, participant will be required to log in to their account page on the website ( and invite as many friends and family as they can, to sign up for a Flexiroam account.
  2. Each time three (3) invitees of a participant successfully signs-up on Flexiroam, the participant gets one (1) Entry ticket running for the ultimate prize in the Grand Draw. The more the number of entries, the greater the chances of winning a prize.
  3. The participant’s number of entries will be displayed in their Account page on the website (
  4. Every Monday from 25th April, 2011 to 4th July, 2011, ten (10) participants shall be randomly selected to win free RM 50.00 of Flexiroam credits.
  5. Participants who wins a weekly prize SHALL NOT be re-entered into subsequent weekly draws, but will still be in the running for the Grand Draw on the 11th July, 2011. Only Participants who are not selected to win free Flexiroam credit shall stand a chance to be re-entered in subsequent week’s draw.
ITEM 8: DRAW DETAILS Prizes will be awarded in accordance with Item 7: Method of Entry. 

The winners will be drawn at random. The odds of winning a prize are based on the number of entries received.

All draws shall be conducted at the Flexiroam office premises by the Flexiroam Draw Team.


Minor Prizes: 

There will be a maximum of one hundred and fifteen (115) minor prizes to be won.

For each of the five normal draw date, ten (10) participants shall be randomly selected to receive free RM 50.00 worth of Flexiroam credit

Every Bonus Draw date, an extra draw to win a special prize (ranging from Odyssey Bus Ticket for two (2), Passport Holders, and Flexiroam T-Shirts) in addition to the RM 50.00 free credit draw.

Major Prizes:

There will be a maximum of two (2) major prizes to be won.

  • Grand Prize: iPad 2, : two (2) Return Tickets to Singapore (Odyssey Bus), two (2)  Flexiroam T-Shirt, RM 100.00 worth of Flexiroam credit, and a Passport Holder.
  • 2nd Prize: two (2) Return Tickets to Singapore (Odyssey Bus), two (2)  Flexiroam T-Shirt, RM 50.00 worth of Flexiroam credit, and a Passport Holder

Total Maximum Value of all Major Prizes: RM 2,990.00

Total Maximum Value of all Minor Prizes: RM 7,060.00

Total Maximum Value of ALL Prizes: RM 10,050.00

ITEM 10: PRIZE WINNER PUBLICATION DETAILS Winners of the contest will be displayed every Monday from 25th April, 2011 until 11th July, 2011 at 

Flexiroam Facebook page (

Flexiroam Blog (

Winners will also be notified by e-mail.


1.1     By submitting an entry into this Promotion, entrants warrant that they have read, understand and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions Schedule.

1.2     To the extent that there is any inconsistency between the Terms and Conditions Schedule and the Terms and Conditions the Terms and Conditions Schedule will prevail.

1.3     These terms and conditions can be available at the Flexiroam Office as listed in Item 2: Promoter and can be viewed and downloaded from the website/s listed in Item 3: Website.

2.       DURATION

Entry into this Promotion will occur in accordance with Item 4: Promotion Registration Dates and Times and Item 5: Promotion Contesting Dates and Times.


3.1      Entrants must at all times comply with Item 6: Entrant Restrictions. Those entrants who have not complied with Item 6: Entrant Restrictions will be disqualified.

3.2     Employees and the immediate families of the Promoter and its related bodies corporate are ineligible to enter. Employees and the immediate families of all associated sponsors and participating companies are also ineligible to enter.

3.3     Entrants warrant that they are entering this Promotion in a wholly private nature and are not entering on behalf of a business or enterprise activity they are involved in.


4.1      Entrants may enter this Promotion in accordance with Item 7: Method of Entry. Those entrants who have not complied with Item 7: Method of Entry will be disqualified.

4.2      Incomplete or late entries (whichever is applicable) will not be eligible and will be disqualified. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any entry which in the opinion of the Promoter deems to be unlawful, inflammatory, defamatory and/or in any way damaging to the goodwill or reputation of the Promoter.

4.3      Following strictly according to Item 7: Method of Entry, all entrants have the right to continually submit more entries during the stipulated times under Promotion Period. Multiple entries submitted by one account are therefore deemed acceptable and encourage. The more entries submit by a participant, the higher the participants chances of winning.

4.4      Unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions, no person may enter or participate in it on behalf of any third party or register more than once under different account details.

4.5      All entrants acknowledge that the Promoter may rely on clauses 4.3 and 4.4 even after the Promoter has awarded or appeared to have awarded the prize to a person or after a person is announced as the prize winner. The Promoter reserves its rights to require return of the prize or payment of its value to the Promoter if this occurs.

4.6      Should an entrant’s contact details change during the Promotion Period, it is the entrant’s responsibility to notify the Promoter. A request to access or modify any information provided in an entry should be directed to the Promoter.

4.7       Should the Promotion require the entrant to submit any material or information, as a part of entry into or participation in this Promotion,

(a)       All entrants acknowledge that their entry may, at the discretion of the Promoter, be posted on the website;

(b)       The entrant agrees that Flexiroam has the right to publish and communicate to the public any material or information provided by entrants in any media including, but not limited to, online, at all times without restriction or limitation throughout the world (including all promotional purposes);

(c)        The entrant agrees to fully release now and forever Flexiroam from and against all actions, suits, claims and demands which they may have against Flexiroam arising directly or indirectly in respect of any infringement or violation of any personal and/or property rights of any sort (including without limitation defamation) from the use of the Photographs;

4.8        Entries are deemed to be received at the time of receipt into the Promoter’s database not at the time of transmission by the entrant.

5.          DRAW / JUDGING

5.1          All prizes will be awarded via a prize draw. The draw will take place in accordance with Item 8: Draw Details, and at dates in accordance with item 5: Promotion Contesting Dates and Times.

5.2          All Draw decisions submitted by the Flexiroam Draw team during the entire Contest will be considered FINAL, and that all entrants firmly understand and agree to the fact that no further claims will be entertained during and after the Promotion dates.

6.           PRIZE(s)

6.1         All prizes are awarded in accordance with Item 9: Prize Details.

6.2         All prize values are the recommended retail value as provided by the supplier, are in Malaysian Ringgit (RM) and are correct at the time of printing. The Promoter takes no responsibility for variations in the prize value.


7.1         The Promoter does not warrant the merchantability, suitability and/or fitness for purpose of any goods and/or services awarded as a prize.

7.2         No other costs will be included and all expenses, other than those specifically referred to in Item 9: Prize Details, will be at each winner’s and (if applicable) their accompanying guest’s cost.

7.3         All prizes are subject to availability, non transferable and non exchangeable, and are not redeemable for cash, unless cash is specified.

7.4         If a prize winner does not claim or correspond with Flexiroam towards making claims within thirty (30) days after the Grand Draw, then that element of the prize will be forfeited by the winner and cash will not be awarded in lieu of that prize or any part of it.

7.5          The Promoter will not award the prize if the Promotion is terminated for whatever reason.

8.          NOTIFICATION

8.1        All prize winner(s) will be notified either:

(a)         via email registered with Flexiroam; or

(b)         by Short Message Service (SMS) to winner’s registered mobile with Flexiroam;

8.2         Details of prize winners will be published in accordance with Item 10: Prize Winner Publication Details, if applicable.

9.          GENERAL

9.1        Prize winners will be required to collect their prize from the Promoter at the address listed in Item 2 of the Terms and Conditions Schedule unless otherwise informed by the Promoter at the time of winning. The Promoter reserves the right to request winners to provide proof of identity, proof of residency and/or proof of entry validity (for example, a phone bill or store receipt for purchase requirement) in order to claim a prize. Proof of identity, residency and/or entry validity considered suitable for verification is at the Promoter’s discretion. In the event that a winner cannot provide suitable proof, the winner will forfeit the prize in whole and no substitute will be offered.

9.2        Since the grand prize includes an electronics device and intended for adult use only, the winner of the grand prize understands and acknowledges that it is not a toy, and is not intended for children. Flexiroam maintains no liability in receipt or use of the indicated Prize. Any winning Entrant who accepts and receives the Prize does so knowingly, fully appreciating and accepting any actual or potential risk of death or injury that the Prize could possibly present. By accepting the Prize, Winners hereby releases Flexiroam and any or all representatives or affiliates or third-party from any and all liability of any kind to the fullest extent permissible by law, including but not limited to injury or death, as a result of or arising from the acceptance, receipt, possession, use and/or misuse of any of the Prizes awarded in this Contest.

9.3                   By participating in the Contests, Participants fully and unconditionally agree to be bound by these Contests terms and conditions, which are governed by the laws of Malaysia. Flexiroam and all participants irrevocably agree that the courts of Malaysia shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise in connection with these Terms and Conditions or the Contests and submit all such disputes to the jurisdiction of the law courts of Malaysia.

9.4                   Flexiroam reserves the right at all times at its absolute discretion to vary, delete, substitute or add to any of these terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice to entrants.