A Short Guide to Macau: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize



A region within China, Macau was once a territory that belonged to Portugal until 1999. It is a coastal region close to Honk Kong separated only by 62 KM of the waters of Pearl River Delta (Zhujiang Delta or Zhusanjiao).


The region of Macau enjoys an autonomous government, open economy with a heavy reliance on tourism, a mix culture of European colonialism and Chinese culture. The population of Macau is a little over 600,000 people and Macanese Pataca is the local currency.

What’s famous in Macau?


The most famous thing about Macau is its reputation for being the Las Vegas of China, and perhaps the entire continent of Asia. Shopping and eating in Macau present a unique experience because of the diverse cultural influences and the tourists that flock from all over the world. But there is much more to Macau than just the gambling and glitz.

Top things to see include:

  • The Ruins of the Church of St Paul
  • Macau Museum of Art
  • The Art for All Society
  • Sir Robert Ho Tung Library
  • And many other locations

Getting to Macau:

1. The best time to go to Macau is within any of the following periods, according to Lonely Planet:


  • Mar–May: Celebrate the arts, a sea goddess and a dragon as mist hangs over the harbor
  • Jun–Sep: Days in the shade of temples and dragon boats; nights aglow with fireworks
  • Oct–Feb: Music and grand prix in a high-octane run-up to Christmas and New Year

2. Entry visa

Macau allows people from many countries to enter the region with just their passports for a period between 30-90 days. However, it is advisable to check if your country requires a visa to enter Macau.

3. Money

Image from Bank Note Index
Image from Bank Note Index

In Macau, ATMs allow you to withdraw money in Pataca and HK Dollars and credit cards are acceptable in hotels, restaurants and casinos. Currency exchange offices are available in major hotels and some shopping centers.

Average prices:

  • Dorm bed in far-flung government hostel: MOP$100
  • Noodles: MOP$30
  • Bus fare: MOP$10–20
  • Midweek deal on casino-hotel double: MOP$1000
  • Portuguese meal: MOP$200
  • Dance show: MOP$500
  • Taxi trip: MOP$50–100 (Please note that some ride share Apps are available)
  • International luxury hotel: MOP$3000
  • Set dinner at Michelin-starred restaurant: MOP$1500
  • Helicopter to Hong Kong: MOP$4500

Tipping is customary and is expected.

24 ours in Macau

  • Starting early in the morning – sightseeing. You can see traditional architecture and see places like:
    • Largo do Senado square
    • Leal Senado
    • Ou Mun Café (grab your morning pastry and a cup of coffee)
    • Largo de São Domingo square
    • Igreja de São Domingos
    • The ruins of the 17th-century Church of St Paul
    • Monte Fort
  • Lunch time: there are so many placed to have a create meal. Keep in mind the value of the food and the prices of what you eat. The following are few places to check out during lunch time
    • Mariazinha
    • Clube Militar de Macau
    • Margaret’s Café e Nata
    • Tou Tou Koi Seafood Restaurant
    • Kira Japanese Seafood Buffet Restaurant
  • Afternoon stroll: the day continues with more sights to see but of the different verity – visit the local temples and villages and experience the ambiance:
    • The 16th-century A-Ma Temple
    • Taipa and Coloane islands
    • Coloane Village
  • Take a break, refresh yourself and come back for the night out:
    • You can enjoy a dinner and desserts in many places and try to eat some of the most famous meals in the region: cabbage soup, codfish with cream, Portuguese sausage, chicken casserole and grilled sardines
    • Of course the night continues at the local bars and casinos, if you enjoy these activities
    • You can also do a night bungee jump from the tower of Macau
    • Check out the breath taking House of Dancing Water
    • The mega nightclubs
    • And of course the pool parties and many more activities through the night

This is Macau in a nut shell.

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