MATTA Fair 2015 has Broken the Bank

Photos for post 2MATTA Fair 2015 has broken the bank. Irresistible bargains from travel agencies as well as airlines resulted in overflow of courageous and resilient travelers for this year. The attractive tour package galore made it affordable to many.

The acquisition of overseas SIM cards is among the most pressing trends and trepidation for global travelers due to lengthy and hectic procedures. In addition, the SKY high rate to call back Malaysia remains horrifying nightmare. Thus FLEXIROAM has presented a new product segment under 365 program for overseas travelers with its long-term partners.

It is unbelievable but a matter of fact that travelers who bought a package from FLEXIROAM partners were given a FREE overseas SIM cards  The free minutes to make international  calls to Malaysia and use data to surf internet are distinctive features of the overseas SIM cards which is specifically tailored to the needs of Malaysian travelers.

To implement this program would barely be possible without continuous support of our long-term partners namely Mayflower Acme Tours Sdn Bhd, Eden Tours & Travel, Bestour , IMG, TouchMe and many others. It is very easy to design our engagement activities on board with them by reaching wider audience that is proven to be rewarding for both parties.

The greatest invention and new approach by Mayflower Acme Tours Sdn Bhd was an introduction of an  iconic package for sport fun. Once in a lifetime opportunity to undertake a sport session from appointed Real Madrid coaches and watch live over the world’s famous links where names like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Sir Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros and Old Tom Morris claimed some of their most memorable wins.

FLEXIROAM is deeply indebted to all partners on board for giving the company dedicated, timely and efficient support during latest MATTA fair 2015. Moreover, entire project management team who are determined to be hardworking, enthusiastic and professional. It is remarkable what team work can do along with collective contribution.

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