Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-autumn is widely celebrated during the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar.  Many people during this time of the year will be gazing at the beautiful full moon and many also believed that it represents reunion, thus families will take this time to unite and gather for family dinners; eating mooncakes and hanging ‘tang lung’ (lantern). Today, we’re having a quick reunion in our Flexiroam tower. Why? Because we are ONE BIG FAMILY too! #MoreThanJustAWorkplace. We’ve decorated our lobby with cute hanging lanterns and some of us sponsored mooncakes! *Yay*


Yes, we’re getting into the mood!


Our Senior Talent Engager, Lim Yong Fei, explaining about the history of how the festival come about.



Assorted Mooncakes waiting to be eaten.

And we had our ‘Flexiroamodel’ for some picture time!


Our dear Business Development Apprentice, Wen Yang!


Our lovely Senior Talent Engager, Lim Yong Fei!


Our pretty Sales & Marketing Associate from China, Katrina!


And Happy Mid-Autumn Festival all!  With love, From Flexiroam