Nigeria Local Data Roaming Is So Expensive! The Solution Is Here!


Many people these days travel a lot, be it for leisure or for business.
There’s a common issue that is faced by both types of travelers and that is having the internet while on the go.


To many, there are only 2 solutions which are:
To buy a local SIM card or
Subscribe for roaming by your local telecom.

The issue with buying a local SIM card is that you either buy a single prepaid SIM card to use for a few days then get rid of it and repeat the cycle during your next trip, OR a different scenario would be buying a prepaid SIM that has more data than needed for you to use during your short trip.

Now, you might wonder what’s wrong with having more than you need?

Well, if you don’t finish your data and you throw the local SIM card away, it would also mean that you’re throwing away your money.

Roaming on your local telco, on the other hand, would cost you greatly as they are known to be severely overpriced (hidden charges, activation fees & sometimes deactivation fees as well).

You’ll be on a trip using data, placing calls, or receiving calls, only to go home with a very expensive roaming bill at your front door.

Allow us to share with you an alternative to roaming and local SIM cards during your trips.

This alternative would be Flexiroam X which serves to provide the best plans for high-speed data roaming at a reasonable price.

Here’s a little background on what this Flexiroam X product is. It’s a very thin microchip that is placed on your existing SIM card, once you’ve stuck it and activated it, you can then buy a plan of your choice and have internet access in many parts of the world.

We only want what’s best for you, and would like you to enjoy your trip hassle and worry-free.

We’ll look at the few different aspects of Flexiroam X and your local telcos’ roaming plans. These are such as pricing, coverage, and flexibility. Once finished, you will be able to identify and choose which roaming plan is able to cater to your travel needs.

Price Comparison

As mentioned earlier, local telcos roaming plans are very expensive.

Let’s look at one of the countries covered by MTN Nigeria’s MTN International Roaming plan. Each country has a few different telcos for you to be connected to but their prices differ.

So if to say you’re in France right now using MTN International Roaming plan and you’re connected to Orange. You would be paying ₦ 0.10 for every 10KB used which is about ₦ 0.01/ KB.

However, if you’re connected to Free Mobile, you would be paying ₦ 99.9 per 100 KB used which is approximately ₦ 1/ KB.

Now let’s look at a different roaming offer by the same company.

We’ll look at MTN Nigeria’s Global Data Bundles. Customers are allowed to choose between a small package or a large package. A small one consists of 200MB for ₦ 5000 whereas the large one consists of 500MB for ₦ 10000.

After breaking it down, the price of the small package consisting of 200MB for ₦ 5000 would be ₦ 25/ MB whereas the large one, on the other hand, is 500MB for ₦ 10000 which is ₦ 20/ MB.


Flexiroam is currently offering  Xcite Pack which consists of 1GB data for FREE!

What was initially approximately ₦ 1100. The cost per MB for the Xcite Pack after breaking it down would be approximately ₦ 1.1 (₦ 0.0011/ KB) which is much cheaper than what is being offered by MTN Nigeria for their roaming plans.

To make it better, Flexiroam is currently giving away the Xcite Pack for free so you will no longer need to pay ₦ 1100 for the pack!

From these 2 scenarios, It’s pretty clear which plan is cheaper. Let’s take a look at the next aspect now.

Coverage & Flexibility

As we all know, coverage is one of the most important points when it comes to getting a roaming plan. If the country isn’t covered, why get the roaming plan right?

A telco in Nigeria may have roaming coverage in many countries but not all their roaming plans have the full coverage.

For instance, MTN covers let’s say 100 countries (not an actual amount) but their roaming plans such as the HelloWorld Global Roaming Offer only covers 27 countries or their YelloZone Data Bundles covers 19 countries.

The same applies for Glo, they may cover 100 countries (also not an accurate number) but their Glo Unlimited Roaming covers only 24 countries.

To say you’re an MTN Nigeria customer and were looking to get on of their roaming plans for your upcoming trip to Australia and Japan. As mentioned earlier, every roaming plan has its own coverage.


MTN Nigeria may cover both Australia and Japan but both countries may not be covered together in one roaming plan. Take the HelloWorld Global Roaming Discounts plan, for instance, it covers Japan but not Australia whereas the Global Data Bundles plan covers the opposite. Let’s look at Glo now.

Say you’re planning to travel to South Korea and Japan and happen to be an existing Glo user looking at their roaming plans. Their postpaid roaming plan only covers Japan and not South Korea but their Glo Unlimited Roaming covers the opposite.

As both plans only cover one of the countries you’re visiting, your choices would be to either get both plans if possible (though it will be very expensive) or not get one at all.

Flexiroam, on the other hand, gives you the flexibility to choose a plan that allows you to roam in all the countries covered. The Xcite Pack that Flexiroam is currently giving away allows you to roam in all the 53 countries covered.

What’s even better is that once you top-up after you’ve finished your complimentary data, you will have access to an additional 87 countries, so that’s 140+ countries in total!


There will be no additional cost and your microchip will not expire. All that will expire will be your data but it can always be topped up whenever you wish. You don’t need to buy 2 different plans offered by Flexiroam, just one plan for all the covered countries.

Flexiroam strives to ensure customers have a hassle and worry-free roaming experience when they travel abroad.


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