How to Pack Light When You Travel


No one enjoys the hassle of carrying overbearing baggages around when they travel. But many still tend to do so, bringing everything and anything, simply because they ‘need‘ all these things while traveling.

If you’d like to be a ‘light packer’, fret not. Here are some general rules (or tips) to help you pack lighter when you travel!


1. Start with the Right Bag

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The rule of thumb is to never buy a backpack or suitcase that is larger than carry-on size (22 x 35 x 56cm). People tend to fill up the space they have. By having a smaller bag, you will tend to pack lighter and more efficiently. You get to also save extra luggage fees at some budget airlines with stricter carry-on baggage size, especially RyanAir and EasyJet.

2. Pack What You MUST HAVE, Not ‘Just In Case’

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Packing light means it’s necessary to sacrifice certain things. Choose clothes that you can wear more than twice and clothes that can be easily matched with everything else that you bring. If you can’t match that top with more than two bottoms, remove it. You also don’t need that extra hairdryer or that book you’re never gonna read. Remind yourself what you NEED during your trip, not what you WANT to bring ‘ just in case’.


3. Pack for Only A Week

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Even if you’re traveling for 2 weeks or a month, you should only be packing for only ONE WEEK. You can easily visualize and plan one week of clothes. If you’re traveling more than a week, you’ll certainly have to do laundry. Even if you’re lazy, at least hand wash your basics like your underwear, socks, T-shirts in the sink. It’ll save you some baggage space and weight.


4. If It’s Bulky, Wear It

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If you HAVE to bring bulky items like your winter coat or sneakers, wear them instead of packing them. Pack lighter items.


5. Choose the Right Clothes Fabric

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In order to pack light, consider choosing the lightest fabric of the clothes you’re packing. For example, pick wool and synthetic fabrics instead of cotton fabric. Fabrics like wool keeps you warm during winter and cool during summer. Unlike fabrics like cotton that is not as breathable, heavy and difficult to dry.


Many people aspire to pack light, but not many succeed in it. Packing light can be easier than you think, as long as you prioritise the items you’re carrying with you. Hopefully with these tips, we’ll be able to help you pack lighter when you travel.


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