Passengers Must Pay Excise Tax at Dubai Airports Now


So it has been confirmed recently by Dubai Duty Free (DDF) that as of 1st of October, both arriving and departing passengers at Dubai’s airports will HAVE TO pay an excise tax on carbonated drinks and energy drinks, in line with the UAE’s implementation of the tax.

A list of products that are affected by the excise tax has leaked and it’s huge.

Due to the new excise tax law, you will now have to pay 50% tax on carbonated drinks, and 100% for energy drinks! That’s…expensive.

As for tobacco products, you will only have to pay the tax if you arrive into Dubai AND purchase more than 400 cigarettes, in which case you will have to pay 100 per cent excise duty on the additional cigarettes over the limit.

According to a statement in Gulf News, DDF did not clarify if departing passengers will have to pay the tax on tobacco products too.

DDF said in a statement:

“We forecast that there may be some impact on consumption due to the increase in excise duty on carbonated and energy drinks as predicted by the Federal Tax Authority.”

Meanwhile, DDF is expecting to see an increase in sales of tobacco products as a result of the tax, as DDF customers will only be taxed if they purchased more than 400 cigarettes.

Perhaps a little confusing right?

But at least we now know the costs when it comes to buying soft drinks, energy drinks and cigarettes when passing through Dubai’s Airports.  Make sure to check the price carefully when you purchase products in Dubai Airports.


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