The Perfect Holiday Plan

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How to create the Perfect Holiday Plan

You have worked hard and put away some cash for that well-deserved vacation, so now is the time to go on a holiday. But how do you make sure that your holiday will live up to your expectations? Simple: a good holiday plan! Basically, a holiday is suppose to give your mind and body a break from the daily hustles. It is also an opportunity to relax and replenish, to forget about your day to day life and enjoy some fun and adventure. Here is how to create the Perfect Holiday Plan, to ensure you get the most out of your time away.

Choose your Destination 

When creating a holiday plan, you need to first decide on what you’d like to do while away.  This will help you to decide where to go. If you love hiking, choose destinations that have great hiking trails. On the other hand, if you fancy spending most of the vacation on sun-baked beaches, look out for destinations with sunny, sandy beaches.


When you ask yourself what you want from the vacation and decide on the kind of activities you intend to engage in, you will find it quite easy to pick some of the top destinations offering those services. A few choice searches though Google will have you well on your way on finding the perfect location.

Decide when you intend to travel

Apart from deciding on your holiday destination, you also need to consider the best time to travel. Most of the time, you can reap maximum benefits from your holiday, including getting big discounts, by booking your ticket well in advance before the date of travel or during the low season. You should also factor in the prevailing weather in your destination. After all, you do not want to go hiking in khakis when it is raining.

Make Travel Arrangements

While flying is the most convenient method when traveling long distances, there are many other options including a bus or a train. Alternatively, you can rent a recreational vehicle.


You will also need to decide how you will travel to your hotel and how you will get around during your vacation.

To avoid inconveniences when you reach your destination, go online and check out the available means of transportation at your desired destination. It is also wise to compare rates offered by different transport companies. To find out how credible they are, consider calling them to get a feel for the people you will be dealing with when you get there.

If you intend to travel around a lot, consider renting a vehicle as soon as you reach your destination. A rented vehicle will come in handy if the places you intend to visit are widely spread out. On the other hand, if you do not plan on traveling a lot once you’ve reached your destination, you can consider getting a taxi, an Uber or a shuttle from the airport.

Finding Accommodation

When selecting your ideal accommodation, consider what is important to you. Look out for options such as in-room amenities, free Wi-Fi, free breakfast. You should also consider the proximity of your preferred means of transport and parking policies.


Apart from staying in a hotel, you can opt for other forms of accommodation including staying with friends, hostels, or Airbnb – you actually have a myriad of possibilities to choose from.

Book places you intend to visit

Once you have purchased your plane ticket and decided on your accommodation, it is time to think about booking the places you intend to visit. While some vacationers prefer spontaneity that gives them room to explore places they have not factored in their travel schedule, booking specific places you want to explore is critical for an effective holiday plan.

Get your papers in order

Different destinations require different documents depending on the region or country you intend to visit. To avoid getting turned away or making last-minute changes on your destination, get your important papers in order and keep them safe. Be sure to look into Visa requirements for your designated country, and apply early! Make a list of your passport number, vital phone numbers and credit card numbers just in case of an emergency. You may also need a medical check-up and advice from your physician about necessary vaccinations as protection against infections.


Before leaving for your vacation, consider buying travel insurance. This will give you a peace of mind when you travel around the world. Most companies that offer these services cover medical evacuations and protection against cancellation of trips. They can also help if you lose your travel documents.

Packing and preparing for departure

An effective holiday plan involves packing in advance to avoid leaving out important items that you may need during your vacation. If you are likely to forget something if you pack last minute, compile a list of the things you would need. Keep the list with you and when you think of something else you may need, add them on.

To help you even more, think about the things you use daily and pack these first since you will need them the most when you are away. Always remember to pre-pack important things such as medication and a first aid kit.

To avoid getting into trouble with your carrier, check how much baggage you are allowed to carry and pack accordingly. In some instances, it is easier to buy some extra clothes once you arrive at your destination compared to paying extra baggage fees.

Security has become a major concern in major transit points. So, to avoid embarrassing moments at the airport, pack with the security requirements at transit points in mind. One of the latest requirements is that all electronic devices should be charged so that they can be switched on at the security desk. In addition to that, you will need to follow the rules on resealable plastic bags for pastes and liquids – most countries allow a maximum of 100mls in your carry-on baggage. If you have more than that, pack them into your check in bags instead.

When packing, it is important that you make sure your suitcase is not too full. Remember that you will need some space to fit in some souvenirs to bring back home.


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Ultimately, organizing your perfect holiday will take a lot of meticulous planning. This can be time-consuming but it is worth it. When you know you have a good holiday plan, you are able to relax more and look forward to your vacation with the knowledge that everything is under control. You will also avoid getting caught up in spur-of-the-moment decisions that may mess up your holiday plans.