March 30, 2011

PETALING JAYA, MALAYSIA – Malaysians travellers overseas can now enjoy significantly lowered international voice roaming rates as Malaysia’s first unlimited roaming service is introduced in the country ahead of an ASEAN regional plan to lower roaming rates by 2015.

This afternoon, in a launch and press conference event officiated by Dato’ Joseph Salang Gandum, Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culture, CEO of Reapfield Technology Jef Ong introduced FlexiRoam, Malaysia’s first unlimited international roaming service.

Dato’ Joseph Salang in his speech said that “With FlexiRoam, Malaysians today can attain affordable roaming without having to worry about “bill shocks” at the end of the month,” he said.
For only RM10 per day, FlexiRoam enables users to receive and make unlimited amount of calls to Malaysia without changing to a new international mobile number.

On top of that, FlexiRoam is giving out free RM10 FlexiRoam credits for a limited time only to all new subscribers who sign up online from their website

How FlexiRoam works is while you are overseas, your Malaysian calls will be forwarded by FlexiRoam to your foreign mobile SIM card which you will purchase locally at your destination country. This also means Malaysian users have no need to inform their contacts of any new international mobile numbers.

FlexiRoam’s service, which leverages on the GSM network instead of 3G or WiFi, is currently available for travellers to 15 countries, including China, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and the UK.
Travellers can also top-up their FlexiRoam credits at KLIA and LCCT departure halls besides online payment facilities on FlexiRoam’s website. For corporate users, FlexiRoam also offers a RM2.75 per day rate under our Corporate Plan.

According to CEO of ReapField Technology, Jef Ong, “FlexiRoam’s mission is to make travellers happy” as they deserve to stay connected with friends, family and business counterparts without worrying about exorbitant phone bills that could end up costing more than the low-cost flight ticket they may have paid for their trip.

Dato’ Joseph Salang said “With the launch of FlexiRoam, we see a brand that is willing to go against the trend to provide a product which will be very useful to Malaysians travelling overseas.”
“Businesses in Malaysia can enhance their competitive edge via cheaper roaming. I think this spells exciting times for Malaysian businesses wanting to expand operations in the region.”

He also added that while investors should “take note of the talent we have in Malaysia to develop such an application”, the “reduction in roaming charges will have a “significant and positive effect on personal communications, and businesses and economy in the nation and region.”

The introduction of FlexiRoam into the market comes about two months after the launch of the ASEAN Information & Communication Technology Masterplan 2015 in Kuala Lumpur by ASEAN telecommunication ministers.

The ASEAN ICT Masterplan aims to develop a blueprint to reduce mobile roaming charges within the ASEAN region by 2015. Dato’ Joseph said regulators from Malaysia and Singapore have almost finalised negotiations to reduce the roaming rates between the two countries, but it has yet to happen.

Ong also added that plans are in the pipeline to introduce Smartphone apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phone users to utilise FlexiRoam at their fingertips.
Reapfield Technology has also received approval from the Government of India to launch a similar roaming service in India this August.

ReapField Technology is an MSC status IT research and development company.

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