What REALLY Drives Us To Travel? Why Do We Travel?


We live in an age where traveling becomes a trend. But the central question is: Why do people leave their homes where comfort lies and choose to voyage all over the world?

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The reasons may vary with different individuals.

Some may travel to get in touch with themselves. Some may travel to learn more about the world and various cultures. Some may travel to escape ‘reality‘. Others may travel simply to have some fun with closed ones.

While there are many reasons that drives us to travel, there are a couple of travel marketing trends that have driven our choices of traveling (whether consciously or subconsciously).

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The Escape Industry, by Mark Tungate, is a book that presents an insightful view on travel marketing and branding, focusing on how the travel scene has changed significantly over the years.

Here are some of the key factors he looked at:

The Instagram Effect

Instagram has become part and parcel of our highly digitalised lives. As a result, Instagram has certainly changed the way we see the travel scene.

As we scroll our Instagram pages, we’re bound to see envy-inducing travel photos from around the world, either from influencers or travellers that we follow, or from our own circle of peers. Here are some examples.

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Traveling has gradually become a sort of “bragging rights“, a form of luxury that we all crave for. People started associating “traveling” to “freedom“, as if  a way to “escape from reality“.

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Online Videos 

The traditional travel brochures may still have a certain extent of appeal if they are done well, but travel marketing trends have generally moved to online videos. Here are some of the most viral travel videos on Youtube and Facebook.

The storytelling potential of online video has significantly changed the way traveling is being marketed. Skift, a travel news site has collected some of its favourite tourism videos. It’s clear that online travel videos sell!

We may not realise it, but our ideas and behaviours around traveling are certainly being affected by the way the travel scene is being marketed over the years.

AdWeek did a valuable summary of the 10 trends shaping travel marketing today based on the Escape Industry book, and this is what they came up with.

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Before we blindly fall into the whole trend of traveling, perhaps next time before we travel, we could really consider the purpose and reason behind our desire to travel.

That way, maybe we can appreciate the entire journey and experience of traveling itself rather than just simply traveling for the sake of some Instagram posts. We can then appreciate the adventure and personal aspect of traveling.

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