7 reasons why you should use eSIM – Advantages of using eSIM


Are you still using SIM cards? Why not try using eSIM?

eSIM is the next step towards technology with companies slowly adopting this concept. It’s just a matter of time all devices are eSIM enabled and it’s better to be ahead of the pack, learn the 7 reasons why you should eSIM on your devices.

More reliable
We will not easily lose the eSIM, it is not necessary to cut them and they will not wear out. On the other hand, you do not have to go to the store to catch one or even pay for one such as when companies charged SIM cards. And in the last place, it is not necessary for a company to send it to you since it is integrated into your mobile device.

Remote provisioning
For people who have used eSIMs for a while, the experiences have been good. In the Google Pixel 3 is activated instantly and the networks that are supporting the eSIM are increasing. Therefore, it is not necessary to change an old SIM, for an eSIM. eSIM is future proofed.

More space saving, fewer holes
It is a benefit for the manufacturers as they will have space for other implementation. The removal of the components to read a SIM card and the slot, eliminate complexities in the design of the phones and eliminate a hole in the device.

Helps improve water resistance
One less place to worry about for resistance to water and dust. It is ideal to improve the impermeability of our mobile device. The fewer slots the better resistance to water penetration.

Goodbye to the SIM extractor 
Millions of smartphones have an extractor to eject the SIMs tray. But they always get lost and we have to choose a pointy item that replaces it. With eSIM that will no longer be a problem, since we will not have a slot and therefore, we will not have an extractor. Pretty convenient

Better design
The designers will manage to create more sophisticated phones, without borders, now that it is not necessary to remove the back cover to remove the SIM or battery, so, they would be more attractive to the eye.

Network availability for people who move from country to country 
By not having to buy a SIM card from a specific operator but with the eSIM, you only have to call the telephone company and request the connection, this cost can be reduced. Also for internet roaming, you don’t need to buy SIM cards again and again when traveling to another country.

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