Reduced Roaming Charges Between Singapore and Malaysia

In March 2011, when FlexiRoam’s unlimited prepaid roaming service was launched, talks were still ongoing between Malaysia and Singapore on reduced roaming rates based on the ASEAN Masterplan 2015’s initiative started in January 2011 to reduce roaming charges between ASEAN countries.

reduced roaming rates between Malaysia and Singapore On April 20, Malaysia and Singapore has finally agreed to reduced roaming charges for voice and SMS, with the discounts being 20 per cent and 30 per cent respectively.  Singapore, Malaysia to reduce mobile roaming rates from May 1 – Channel News Asia 20 Apr 2011 | Bernama )

Sounds promising, but first, let’s check out the calculations for calls back to Malaysia from Singapore comparing the old charges vs the new charges. We’ve done this on our handy Roam Calculator, and you can try it out too. FlexiRoam roam calculator

Say, you travel to Singapore and will only be there for 2 days. Say, you make around 10 minutes of calls back to Malaysia, and receive 10 minutes of calls in Singapore per day.

Before the reduced roaming charges, it would have cost you :

RM126.00 (Telco M)
RM134.00 (Telco D)
RM150.00 (Telco C)

* Without using the special *120* codes to call back to Malaysia *

After the 20% reduced roaming charges, it would cost you:

RM108.00 (Telco M)
RM107.2.00 (Telco D)
RM120.00 (Telco C)

We think that it still seems exorbitant that you should pay more than 100 Ringgit for only 20 calls per day. That’s why, as always, FlexiRoam’s affordable rate is only RM10 for unlimited calls the whole day.

Other than Singapore, we also proudly support FlexiRoam at the top travelled ASEAN countries in our coverage that includes Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Brunei.