Russia World Cup 2018 – Who Will Emerge Victorious?


Whether or not you’re the ultimate football fan who can’t wait to cheer on their favorite teams. Or an ordinary muggle who are just tagging along for the fun. There is no doubt that the 21st FIFA World Cup is one of the most anticipated events of 2018.

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! RAWR!

Did you know? During World War I, countries actually came to a Christmas truce in 1941, ceasing fire and holding football matches with one another as a form of celebration! The simplicity of the sport is precisely what makes it so universally popular. Hosted by Russia this year, the World Cup is an event that brings nations together as they compete to bring the golden trophy home.

So here’s the million-dollar question: which team will take home the World Cup in 2018? Let’s have a look into the powerhouses and star players of this year’s tournament.

(Sadly, Italy won’t be participating this year. The four-time world cup champion has been disqualified in a 0-1 defeat to Sweden in the playoffs, leaving many fans heartbroken.)




Current holders to World Cup 2014, Germany has an extremely strong well-balanced team that dominates the field with their ferocious moves. The level of anticipations for the four-time champion is tremendously high, and while we can’t predict the outcome of the worldwide tournament, we can at least expect to see these beasts unleash their attacks in the semi-finals.



Possibly one of the most shocking events to ever happen in football history is Brazil’s 1-7 defeat to Germany in 2014. If we were to ask, most would probably agree that the absence of both star player Neymar and Thiago Silva is what costs Brazil the chance of getting world champion.

Needless to say, Brazil is absolutely determined to wash off the embarrassment and seize their rightful glory back this year. Let’s just hope that we won’t be losing any players before the finals this time (or at least, have a Plan B ready)!



Another popular favorite among football enthusiasts, fans are also predicting that France will get a shot at winning the cup this year.

“I am among the three best players in the world,” declared the 27-year-old forward Antoine Griezmann, who managed to win UEFA Euro Golden Boot in 2016 by scoring 6 goals for his team.

Alongside other talented players such as Pogba, Kanté, and Mbappé, there’s no denying that France has a really solid squad this year.



Everyone knows Lionel Messi. Even your grandmother knows Messi. There is no questioning why Messi is the most treasured player in the Argentinian when he can basically do anything – scoring, defending, passing, finishing… you name it.

He’s often pitched against Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for the crown of ‘Best Football Player of all time’. As this FIFA match may be their last before retirement, be sure to not miss any of their appearances!



While people say that Spain’s renowned football reign is a thing of the past, some fans argue otherwise. Nevertheless despite having remarkable players, they’ve been falling short ever since their devastating 2014 defeat to Netherlands.

Even though they are ranked behind Brazil, Germany, and France, there is still a solid chance of them appearing in the semi-finals. Perhaps 2018 might be the start of Spain’s new age of glory.

Now that we’re all fired up for FIFA World Cup 2018, how will you prepare for the event? Here are some 3 tips for you to make sure you don’t miss any of the action!

Watch Cable TV with friends!


Be sure to buy beverages and snacks beforehand so you can enjoy the live coverage without going hungry!

Or, just live stream online


In case you don’t have cable tv, online streaming is always an option. Some sites provide paid subscriptions services – just make sure you take note of your favorite teams’ schedules.

Why not treat yourself to a fun trip? It is one of the world’s largest quad annual event after all!


If you’re a hardcore football enthusiast, what better way to enjoy the biggest football event of the world than to experience the local celebrations while travelling?

It doesn’t even have to be Russia, football is a world-wide sport celebrated by all nations. Join in the fun in Iceland as they celebrate their national team being the smallest nation to qualify for the tournament!

Or swing around a local pub in England and cheer together with wild passionate fans while cracking open a cold one.

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