FLEXIROAM is collaborating with the Selangor Information Technology and E-commerce Council (SITEC), an entity under the Selangor State Government of Malaysia, to develop the Selangor Digital Creative Centre (SDCC). SDCC is 11,000 square feet innovation centre aimed at developing Selangor as an E-commerce & Internet Business Hub by incubating a Technology Startup Ecosystem and Online Entrepreneurship in Selangor. The event was officiated by the Chief Minister of the state of Selangor, Dato’ Menteri Besar Mohamed Azmin Ali on the 5th of October 2015

From Left: Mr. Celestine Amoako Boateng (Business Development Manager, FLEXIROAM), The Hon. Dato’ Teng Chang Khim (Selangor State Executive Councilor), The Hon. Azmin Bin Ali (Chief Minister of Selangor), Mr. Jason Khoo (VP Business Development, FLEXIROAM) Mr.Hasan Azhari Bin Hj Idris (CEO, Invest Selangor)


The SDCC will function as a Research and Development centre for FLEXIROAM, providing us with opportunities to procure services, invest in or collaborate with startups with solutions relating to the travel and roaming service industry. This is a valuable opportunity for FLEXIROAM as it provides opportunities to further work with Government Linked Companies (GLC) in the state. Furthermore, the company is also entitled to participate in the investment and trade activities organized by Invest Selangor and SITEC  allowing us to build strong relationships with financial institutions and potential investors in the Selangor state.

FLEXIROAM also took the opportunity to introduce its exciting new app, the FLEXIROAM App, which will be released in the market soon. The app drew much attention from the Selangor state representatives as well as the members of the media.

From left: Mr. Celestine Amoako-Boateng, Mr. Kamal Benjamin, Ms. Jenice Yap, Ms. Valle Gomez Diaz, Mr. Jason Khoo.

Jason Khoo, VP of FLEXIROAM’s Business Development Department  commented on his hopes for this project:

“We at FLEXIROAM understand the importance of cultivating innovation. We are very privileged to be collaborating with SITEC on the SDCC because we feel that through this partnership,  FLEXIROAM will find and generate innovative ideas for products or services relating to the roaming industry.

Additionally,  The SDCC is a great platform for us to touch base with GLCs and for us to build mutually beneficial relationships with them.

We feel that the SDCC is a promising project which would be beneficial for the local economy by helping to bring Malaysia’s digital economy to the next stage. We are very eager to see what results this project will bring.”


FLEXIROAM is looking forward to developing this partnership with SITEC and hopes that new and exciting developments will come through this collaboration. The SDCC is a promising venture organized by the Selangor government and the company feels that both parties will benefit mutually from this collaboration.