Share Sorrows: The Real Meaning

ramadan-fastingImagine that you were walking down the street with me one day in a calm pace. It was a rainy but good day. We looked to the right and there was written very large on the wall in capital letters and with the paint worn and faded by the sun: Share joys.

It sounded so good to our ears as it does to our altruistic sides (if we have one). It looked like how reality should be and at the same time so far away from it.

But what if, because of the heavy rain falling at the time, we instead have read ‘Share sorrows’? What would that make we remind of? A psychiatrist couch, maybe? Perhaps it would remind us of all those suffering conversations with that annoying friend who is constantly complaining … No, we do not share sorrows (only when it is really necessary). We know how to carry on. In fact, no one likes a complainer.

The wall is almost screaming at us. It is trying harder and harder but we can’t understand it. The rain tried to help, but it was in vain. We are even further from what they are trying to tell us.

Well, no one here spoke about your or my sadness. In fact no one spoke who was the owner of such sadness at all. It is hard to imagine that anyone could face difficulties too, that’s why we read our own sadness in the wall, not the others’.

Think again, come back there. What it is trying to say to us is: Share the sorrow of the others, feel it. Make it get under your fingernail, your skin, in your empty stomach. Feel the thirst of others in your own mouth!

Living the sorrow of the others is the only way to really know how important it is to share our joy. Sharing our own joy is the price to make the others feel better or ourselves?

The next time some wall tell you to share joy, read ‘sadness’. And not yours, the others’. Only then you will really understand what the wall means.

Last week here at Flexiroam we all joined Ramadan and tried fasting for a day, just one single day, to see how does it feel.

It was a very singular experience for many of us from South Africa, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Uzbekistan, China, India, Kenya, Mauritius, Ghana and Malaysia. All I can say is that we learned a little bit more about how important it is to share our joy with the ones who really need it. Now we can at least imagine what do they feel.